Arbor Ridge HOA – Architectural Review Application Form

As explained in our CCR’s & Declarations, exterior improvements or modifications require approval by our Architectural Review Committee. In order to process your request, please make sure that you include an application processing fee of $25.00 payable to AMS-NW or contact them to do a direct debit. Deliver the completed form (page 2) along with any additional drawings and information to:

Association Management Services, NW
Mail: 16520 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd, Suite 250 Portland, OR 97224
Fax: 503-598-0554
Email: [email protected]

Please describe all changes you propose to make to your property.

  • Include a scale drawing(s) with top (plan) and side (elevation) views as necessary to clearly establish locations and elevations of any structures.
  • Include existing structures and boundaries where necessary to indicate relative location.
  • Include dimensions of structures if appropriate.
  • Include materials being used and plant types if appropriate.
  • Specify color(s) and include color samples if appropriate.
  • Provide contractor bid details if appropriate.

Submit at least 30 days Prior to planned work (60 days for home addition).

  • To avoid any delay in ARC action, please include all information needed to make a decision. You may attach additional pages if needed.
  • Review period starts only once ALL required information is received by the ARC to review the application.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected, and you will need to submit a new one.

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