Neighborhood watch – Why have Neighborhood Watch in our community?  The answer is simple really, we all have a stake in each others safety.  Neighborhood Watch is so much more than peering out your front window and watching what is going on in your neighborhood.  We all live within a close proximity of each other and we all really have a responsibility to watch out for each other.  Neighborhood Watch is creating a safe community.  For example if your neighbor is some how injured or possibly their child should be able to seek help from there neighbor.  In a situation like this it is more likely the neighbor will be thinking clearly and be able to call 911 faster and explain what is happening more clearly than the parent with a injured child.

Crime is no stranger to the Arbor Ridge community and most of us try to think it won’t happen to us or our property.  Sure you may have heard something happening in the neighborhood.  But were relieved when you found out it wasn’t that close to your home.  However if something happened to you or your neighbor would you want the people responsible caught?  I’m sure you would feel better if you were able to help out in some way.

Neighborhood Watch is designed to educate each of us to be better at recognizing danger in our community, and also education each of us on how to help each other out when someone is in need.  Wouldn’t you like to be able to help out your neighbor if they needed help?


CONTACT: We currently have no neighborhood leaders

Links below are some Web Sites about Neighborhood Watch

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