This page provides homeowners with community standards as it pertains to your home and property. These are all homeowner responsibilities and not the responsibility of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association unless otherwise noted.

Compliance checks are done on a regular basis to ensure homeowners continue to adhere to the CCR’s and governing documents and these Community Standards. Homeowners who are renting are responsible for their tenants adhering to the CCR’s and governing documents. These Community Standards and any non-compliance are applied to the homeowner and the homeowner must address with the tenant to ensure compliance.

All exterior changes must be submitted using the Architectural Review process (AR Required) unless otherwise noted (no AR needed).
If you have any questions you may reach out to our community manager or attend a board meeting.


Home (Exterior)

Repair and Maintenance should be completed on a regular basis

  • Painting (House siding, Doors, Shutters, Eves and Posts) (AR Required)
    • Vinyl siding can be painted if desired
    • Paint color must adhere to the standards laid out in the Exterior Colors Resolution or approved by the board
    • Bright colors are not approved for any purpose on the exterior
      • We live in a Craftsman style neighborhood and colors should continue to match that of all the neighboring homes
  • Siding (AR Required)
    • Vinyl siding is the standard in the community (no wood or other types of replacement)
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Shutters (AR Required)
    • Paint color must adhere to the standards laid out in the Exterior Colors Resolution or approved by the board
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Gutters (AR Required)
    • Replacement should be painted aluminum to match the house color or white, any leaf guard systems are OK
    • Unclogging of debris and repairing should be completed (no AR needed)
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Roofing (AR Required)
    • Replacement for like or similar composite shingles only
    • Solar installations are allowed
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Windows (AR Required)
    • Replacement and new must be vinyl and match as close to existing only
    • All road facing windows must have professional window coverings like blinds or drapes (no sheets or other non window coverings) (no AR needed)
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Fence (Wood Fences) (AR Required)
    • Good Neighbor Style Fence with a 2 x 4 fence cap only
    • Cedar lumber only (no vinyl, metal or other wood is acceptable)
    • Stained in a natural wood color only or left natural
    • Must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt, moss, mold and mildew (no AR needed)
  • Fence (Vinyl & Black chain link on homeowner property) (AR Required)
    • These fence styles are mostly in the common areas of the neighborhood, but there are a few homes that have these styles of fences on their property and are the responsibility of the homeowner to replace and repair
  • Air conditioners (AR Required)
    • Whole house air conditioners can be installed behind the homes fence only
    • Window air conditioners must be installed with a professional look and match house color, and used during the seasonal need then removed
  • Landscape Maintenance (no AR needed)
    • The Cottage Homes participate in a landscape maintenance program that provides general landscaping and maintenance to the road facing landscape
      • Please report any item to our Management Company that is not properly maintained by the Landscape company
    • All homeowners (including cottage homeowners) must maintain the upkeep, maintenance and repair to their lots
      • Lawns – Must be cut, trimmed, fertilized, weeded and watered as appropriate
      • Plants, Trees & Shrubs – Must be trimmed, fertilized and watered as appropriate
      • Trash & Junk – Should not be left in the street visible yards and should be removed
      • Toys and other items – should be stored in garage or back yards
      • Street trees are the responsibility of the homeowner also review Washington County Street Trees to prune and trim
        • Cottage homeowners are still responsible but will have their street tree pruned or replaced per the Landscape maintenance contract
      • Backyards must be maintained to the same standards, structures (i.e. sheds, gazebos, patios or decks)
  • Landscape Replacement (AR Required)
    • Changes to the home’s exterior and yard (front, sides or back) that can impact neighbors and the community and will require Board review
    • Landscape that is being overhauled that is not like for like of the existing landscape
    • Street trees being replaced, please review the responsibility of the homeowner and Washington County Street Trees
    • Structures being installed or replaced (i.e. sheds, gazebos, patios or decks)
  • Garbage, Yard debris and Recycling containers (no AR needed)
    • May be moved to the curb the day before pickup and must be removed by end of the pickup day
    • Storage must be out of view behind the fence or gate, shielded by vegetation or stored in garage
  • Satellite Dishes & Antennas for TV or Internet (AR Required)
    • The FCC Guide will provide you your rights as a Homeowner
    • Small size three (3) feet or less is a reasonable allowance of one (1) per service needed
    • Mounting on the roof or individual post within the yard is requested (fence or side of home installations are not allowed)
    • Large dishes (greater then three (3) feet in diameter are not permitted

Streets, Sidewalks and Curbs

Private streets in the community are Moon Valley Terrace, Silver Creek Place & Tatum Ranch Place which are managed by the Homeowners Association
Public streets are all other streets in the community and are managed by Washington County

  • Sidewalks (AR Required)
    • Private – The Homeowners Association has scheduled reviews of the private street sidewalks to assess and perform repairs per the Reserve Studies (no AR needed)
    • Public – Sidewalk repairs are the homeowners responsibility that are adjacent to their property in all areas of the community that is not a private street
      • Washington County may repair and bill the homeowner if deemed necessary by the county as a hazard (i.e. uneven sidewalk, cracks and damage)
  • Street Maintenance (no AR needed)
    • Private – HOA has scheduled reviews of the private streets to assess repairs per the Reserve Studies
    • Public – are maintained by Washington County you can check their site schedule for maintenance annually
    • Homeowners need to remove all debris and dispose of using their Yard debris container or removed using other methods
      • Do not leave debris piled in the gutters, sidewalk or street
      • Street sweeping is completed periodically by Clean Water Services you can contact them if you have questions
  • Parking (no AR needed)
    • Vehicles need to abide by the Washington County Sheriff’s office on Parking if there is an issue please contact the Washington County non-emergency number
    • The Homeowners Association cannot fine or tow vehicles on Washington County streets. Our Management Company can send a friendly reminder if you provide vehicle information and homeowner address to them
      • No person shall use a vehicle or recreational vehicle for overnight lodging on a public right of way for a period in excess of 48 hours at the same location or within a two-mile radius of the same location
      • No person shall park a recreational vehicle on a residential street for a period in excess of four days (96 consecutive hours) in any 28-day period
      • No person shall park a commercial vehicle, as that term is defined in ORS 801.208, on a residential street
      • No person shall park in front of the entrance of any place where mail is received or within ten feet of a mailbox during the hours of 8 am and 5 pm
      • A vehicle shall not be parked on a public street or public right of way without license plates, with expired tags, with expired registration, or with expired temporary licensing permit
      • No person shall park a vehicle in a manner which interferes with use of the right-of-way, the safe flow of traffic, or obstructs the view of other drivers
      • If you live in unincorporated Washington County outside ESPD and the Metro Urban Growth Boundary, County Prohibited Parking Ordinance 8.16 applies
      • The Sheriff’s Office can remove abandoned vehicles on a public right-of-way within unincorporated areas of Washington County