Arbor Ridge & Cypress Pointe Annual Community Garage Sale

We have been asked by our surrounding communities, if we would like to join them having a joint garage sale once again. Last year’s event was a successful one. The event will be advertised on Craig’s List, and we are going to be doing marketing clustering and mapping.

Here is the information, to get prepared
Date: Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (if you would like, you may start at an earlier time)

**Please feel free to post signs directing them to your street of garage sales. Please have your signs
removed by end of day on Sunday, September 8. Thank you!

Please reach out to your neighbors to have them participate for this fun event.

Here are some tips to have a successful garage sale

  1. Collect the clutter around your home.
  2. Have a plan
    • A successful garage sale does not happen without organization.
    • At least a week before the sale, go through your home from top to bottom and clear out clutter.
    • At least 2-3 days beforehand, take an afternoon to price everything and organize it.
    • On the day before, get cash to have on hand to manage your cash drawer. For example: a roll of pennies, roll of nickels, roll of dimes, roll of quarters, 20 $1 bills, 20 in $5-dollar bills).
  3. Do not wait until the last minute to pull off a garage sale 🙂
  4. Clearly mark your prices.
  5. Price things to sell.
  6. Mark things down as the time goes and closing time approaches.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone that participates and thank you for your support. The more homes that participate creates a successful day for everyone.

Regular community compliance inspections take place throughout the season

Just a reminder

Regular community compliance inspections take place throughout the season.

Here are a few topics to review:

Trash Cans – Trash/garbage shall be kept in sanitary containers and must be stored out of view from the street, except on day of trash pickup.

Home Maintenance – Each owner shall maintain their lot in a clean and attractive condition. Maintenance shall include: Exterior siding, moss on roofs, gutters, fence, retaining walls, window screens, window blinds and sidewalks must be in good condition to avoid potential trip hazards.

General Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance – Keep yards free of weeds and diseased or dead grass. Lawns are to be fertilized and neatly mowed. Trees and shrubs are also to be fertilized and pruned on a regular basis. This includes street trees over the sidewalk areas, which are to be trimmed 7½ feet above the walkway per the City Tree Ordinance. Landscape strips to be maintained. Lots should be free of trash and unsightly materials. (Note: Cottage Collection front yard landscaping is maintained by the Association but you still need to keep it clean and report any landscape issues to the Community Office)

Exterior Modification Changes – An ARC Request Form must be submitted for Board review prior to any changes and/or modifications to the lot.

Parking – Campers, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles, etc. may not be stored or kept on any lot unless fully enclosed within the garage. Do not park in No Parking Zones – you will be towed or cited by the County.

Holiday Lights – May be displayed 30 days before a holiday and must be removed within 15 days after the holiday.

Basketball Hoops – Cannot be placed on the street, block driveways, must be in good condition, including nets, hardware, and base. Cannot be placed on the lawns or parking strips for extended periods of time (greater than 48 hours) causing the browning or killing of the lawn.

July 4th 2019 Festival

Parade, Families, Friends, Fun and Hot Dogs!!!

It was another wonderful July 4th event put on at John Marty Park by our neighbors of the Charlais Community Network.  The Arbor Ridge HOA sponsored the Hot Dog Stand again this year with donations from Showplace Landscaping and Association Management Services NW.

Enjoy some photos from the event.

Security Is Important

Arbor Ridge HOA takes securing your web experience important and we have taken steps to make a secure web experience. Whether you access this website on your computer or mobile device it will always be a secure and encrypted connection. You will always be forced to use an https connection.

Please note that we can not provide this same level of security for sites we may share or link to that are not part of the domain.

2018 Board Member Elections

At the recent Annual Home Owners Meeting four positions were open and filled.

Thank you to all those Homeowners that turned in their proxies and/or showed up at the meeting.  Without your involvement the Annual Meeting could not be made possible,


We welcome New Board Members: Kay Syravong, Rhonda Corbella & Isaac Romero

Re-elected Board Member: Mike Farris

Full List of your Board Members can be found here.

Your HOA Board of Directors is now at a full seven member and we are excited to have new Homeowners join the board.

Please watch the calendar and emails for upcoming Board of Directors Meetings beginning in 2019.