By purchasing a home in Arbor Ridge, you have become a member of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association. The Homeowners Association has been strongly committed to keeping the community an attractive place to live where the maximum appreciation in value can be accomplished. It has not been easy. The Board of Directors (Board), Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and its Management Company have had to put forth a great deal of effort over the years to assure that Arbor Ridge remains as attractive as it is today. Through this past effort, we can look ahead to the future with certainty. A continued commitment over time will assure that Arbor Ridge will never be a declining neighborhood and will always be a prime example of success.
Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association is a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon. The Association was formed prior to any home being built in the community. All homes in the community are subject to the legal documents of the Association. All homeowners are automatically members of the Association by virtue of the fact that they own property, which is encumbered by the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Membership in the Association is not a matter of choice. It is an integral part of owning property in the community.
The Association is a representative form of government. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at Annual Meetings. Any homeowner is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. The terms of the Board are three years. The terms are staggered so that in any given year no more than one-third of the Board is elected.
As a Homeowners Association, Arbor Ridge has certain legal documents, which apply to its operation. The Articles of Incorporation were originally filed to enable the Association to act as a Corporation under the laws of Oregon. The Bylaws are a document that is referenced in regard to meeting requirements and duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and officers. The Bylaws are not recorded anywhere. The most referred to document is the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. This document is also the strongest of the documents since it establishes “the law of the land”. It has provisions regarding the Association’s right to make assessments, establishes penalties for non-payment of assessments, provides for the authority of the Architectural Review Committee and it provides protective covenants which limit an individual’s freedom to do what they want with their property. This document is enforceable in court.