Community Alert
There have been TWO break-ins and FOUR attempted, here in Arbor Ridge in the last two months.
All have occurred along Diamondback and Gold Canyon.
The offenders are gaining entrance to our homes during the day time. They are targeting empty houses by watching cars leave. They have entered the homes through the backyard. One offender cut the screen out of the master bath upstairs, and then opened the window. The other home had the sliding glass door smashed in. In a couple cases of the attempted break-ins, they rung the doorbell and knocked to be sure nobody was at home. The items stolen were ones that they can easily carry including money, gold and jewelry. One of the attempts happened after midnight while others occurred during daytime.

One offender is described as a white male, medium build, 30-40 years of age, approximately 5’10” tall he was wearing a light, bright blue jacket.
The other offender is described as a white male, bald, and shorter. Approx. 5’2”.
A suspect has a white pickup truck and was soliciting for gutter cleaning services.

• Secure all your windows and doors
• Record information on suspicious person(s), vehicle(s) or activity in your neighborhood.
• Call 911 if you see any break-ins taking place. Do not confront the offenders.
• Be aware of this situation and alert neighbors in the area about any crime.

The Next Home Owners Meeting we will be having a Washington County Sheriff in addition we have asked a couple of home owners to attend that want to talk about this.  Please attend to discuss the safety in our neighborhood.