The Arbor Ridge HOA is responsible for the property commonly referred to as the “wetlands” and Identified as Tracts “C” and “T” on the plot map of the development. These are the area where the beaver dams are located.  However, that responsibility is constrained and bound by use restrictions.

There is concern that water is collecting in the wetland areas to the East and through the stream way which may put homeowners at risk. Tualatin Valley Clean Water Services was contacted and asked for an assessment of the situation – for general flooding and the impact from the beaver dams.

The Clean Water Services team explained the purpose and design of the wetlands is to act as a buffer for the water flow to prevent flooding and washouts. Therefore, it is expected that water will collect, pool and raise in level in these areas. We are assured that the environment was developed with consideration to the longer flood cycles. We were educated on the behaviors of the beavers and the impact of their activities on the area and water levels. None of the information provided by the Clean Water Services representative was in conflict with what is observed while walking throughout the wetlands and verifying water levels and the size and number of dams.

There have been several discussions about the beaver dams and our ability to trap or modify the dams. The HOA cannot take any action in the restricted use areas until a permit is issued to modify the authority of the existing permit (Permit Number 16765-RF). Please refer to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for the Arbor Ridge Mitigation Site, specifically Article 4. Clean Water Services have also advised that removing the beaver dams may dramatically increase the chance for damage to the culverts under the roads from debris. Since it is almost guaranteed the beavers will return and destroy more trees in the wetlands to rebuild dams, Arbor Ridge has been advised it is best to leave them alone.

We’ve engaged experts and carefully considered the options in making the decision to leave the beaver dams alone at this time. The Board will continue to monitor the health of the stream, wetland areas, and the culverts and act as necessary to ensure the vitality and security of our neighborhood on a regular basis. We have also engaged our landscaper in to monitoring the areas weekly for any change or concern that might effect the neighborhood.

If any homeowner has a concern please feel free to attend any Board Meeting to discuss it.