Approved Minutes For March 2009

Arbor Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes March 23rd 2009

Arbor Ridge HOA board members in attendance: Dave Cummings, Tom Weyenburg, Cathy Parson, Sunil Luhadia, John Michaud, Nick Horn – The Management Group

No Homeowner input prior to the meeting –

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm

–          Call to approve the meeting minutes for 9/22/08 – approved by the board

–          Call to approve the meeting minutes for 1/26/09 – approved by the board

President’s Report – Mike is on vacation this week so no presidential report.

Treasure’s Report –  1st quarter – no changes

Committee Report – From Mary

–          Lawns are looking bad, there is a lot of Moss and other issues with most of the lawns in the neighborhood.

–          Cottage collection front yards have settled and the lawns are more difficult for John (Showplace) to maintain because of this issue.  Also there may be a safety issue with the yards getting below the level of concrete.

–          Many shrubs have not weathered the winter well and have been damaged. John (Showplace) has suggested that he could cut the damaged shrubs to 8-10” and see if they will re-grow on there own.

–          Mary was wondering if they is or could be a mandatory minimum of shrubs and trees for the cottage collection.

–          Mary noted that at 16895 NW Oakcreek Dr. that half the front lawn is missing.

–          And the landscaping at the monument is not very good. (This issue was addressed and it is being taken care of this week. John was told to wait till the monument work was completed.)

–          Mary wanted to point out that the paint on the homes is looking bad and this should be included in the violations for homeowners. And Tom had commented that this will be looked at in future appearance violations.

–          Discussion on the street work on Diamondback by the county was lengthy and to summarize here that an estimate from John (Showplace) will be pursued for the cottage homes on Diamondback since the general consensus is that the board would rather have John do the tree trimming in preparation for the road work instead of the county.  Those homeowners not in the cottage collection are responsible for there tree trimming or the county will do the trimming for you.

–          Mary also mentioned that the Cottage homes as rentals will be an issue as more become rentals. Nick stated that due to the economy that we may see more homes for rent. Mary wanted to know what the board is prepared to do about this situation – the general thought is that there isn’t much that we can do about this situation.

–          More discussion on if there is money budgeted for tree trimming etc. and that there was some monies set aside. John from Showplace will be asked to give an estimate of costs for landscaping and tree trimming for this season.

Nick Horn –

– Rescheduling of May 25th meeting has been rescheduled to May 18th

Compliance report –

–          Violations have grown and only a few have responded to the violations.

–          Tom brought up some new discussion on Hose and Reel issues that he has been noting as he is noting violations.

o       Hoses out in the front yard and driveways for months

o       Unsightly hose and reel installations on side of homes

–          Asking other board members there opinion about having these types of issues added to violations.

–          Portable basketball hoops have been noted on the street and sidewalks and this seems to be a violation and a safety issue. After discussion it was approved that a homeowner could be notified about the basketball hoop placement.

–          Rent signs – The CC&Rs allow only 1 For Sale sign on a property and 1 Political sign on a property. For Rent signs are not allowed.  Nick asked if Tom would do inspections on Mondays for this so a letter of violation could be sent and received by the homeowner around Thursday or Friday to take the sign down. And this violation will be included in the compliancy report.

Nick Horn –

–          Further discussion on modified payment plan for Cottage homes that are having a hardship applying the landscaping costs. Those homeowners must call the Management group and set up a payment plane with them.

–          Homeowners with high outstanding dues that were sent to the attorneys to be processed, expect an update on progress reports around April 20th.

–          Monument work is officially completed and the landscaping can now be reworked.

New Business –

–          Cathy presented a rough draft of the latest Arbor Ridge newsletter. The board took a moment to look over the information.  In light of suggestions to Cathy, Tom suggested that the homeowners that get violations can be directed to the Arbor Ridge website to a electronic form of the CC&Rs that Tom suggested be posted on the website. So that the homeowners can seek clarification on why they were in violation of the CC&Rs.

Dave called for adjournment and this was seconded – Adjournment was at 8:35pm

– John Michaud Secretary Arbor Ridge HOA