Approved as Edited Minutes For July 2009

Arbor Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes July 27th 2009

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Meeting

The meeting came to order @7:00pm

Present: Lori  Constant, Sunil Luhadia, Tom Weyenberg, Dave Cummings, Mike Farris, Cathy Parson

And Nick Horn from TMG, Mary Davis from the Landscape committee

Approved the minutes from the last meeting.

President Report – address in the Mgt Report – things for the board

Treasurers Report – nothing

Landscaping fees – 70K of outstanding fees

Discussed mailing out a coupon book in which you break it down and pay at your own rate – this would deviate from the semi annual.  Nick indicated we must consider the cost of the books at $3.00 – $5.00 per book.  We need to consider higher late fees if we do start a book.  Nick will get the cost of the books and email the board – it is very common among other associations.

Mary spoke regarding Landscaping:  many cottages have lost plants and need replacing

She has considered 5 gal vs 2 gal.  Also there is a 2nd spot in front of the homes which look like a Diamond shape – and it has utilities or something in the section and we may want to consider ground cover or river rocks because the lawn needs replacing.

Tom brought up the fact we need to look at the Classics and set a precedents due to the fact many lawns are not maintained and have weeds.  Mary brought up the concern that many homes who’s backyards are not maintained and should also be sent a letter

As we have in place for trash cans.

Mary brought up the concern regarding Rock Walls thought out the development we need to have an inspection behind the homes – she will get John to look at them.  Her concern is due to the fact the Wet Lands have rocks which have fallen and split. Another idea

We should be able to pull out the original plans and contact the Architech. We may

have somewhat of a guarantee or warranty

The board authorized Mary $5,000.00 for the plants needed for the Cottage Collection

And the Common Area – this motion was made by Dave and Lori had 2nd the motion.

This will happen in October due to the fact it is too hot now.

Social Committee:  Cathy indicated the Garage Sale announcement with the Cards may have been easily lost in the stacks of mail each person receives or the mail carrier may have lost them.  She checked with the Bulk Mailing Post Office downtown and provided

Station numbers to call according to your zip code.  Many people have complained that

Mail has been lost.  The Garage Sale signs more noticed more than the cards – she found

Around 25 homeowners participated out of 500 homes.

Ice Cream Social:

$500 from Showplace will sponsor the event.  Requested TMG to Split the Cost of

The Park and Rec Vehicle for the kids – $395.00 along with cards or giveaways .

Mike had volunteered to get a sign for the Board and members signed up to

Participate at the Ice Cream Social along with sign up sheets for others within

The community to participate.

Compliance VS  Non- Compliance:

There needs to be a uniform standard to the lawns which are not maintained.  People are now being cited for mold and paint chipping – noticed the North side gets the most mold.

It was discussed that to reduce the number of violations we should have a mailing or some form of information to the people to read referring to the type of violation letters – however; the problem is that we are asking the people to read and many do not read the literature we mail  – we have the violation letters which states the number to call with questions to TMG and TMG can then refer them to the web site.

It was also discussed about RV’s , Boats, Motorcycles since the weather is nice – the vehicles are allowed to be in front for 48 hours.  Then you will be cited if parked repeatedly.

Mike spoke about Communication in order to save time and effort these are the people

We need to communicate directly to for the following issues:

Mary – Landscaping

Tom – Violations

Mike – any other issues which are out of the norm

Another discussion which was brought up is Rental Units – the concern is with the number of properties converting to rentals will the value of homes go down.

Tom will head up committee to research this and see if homeowners have a concern in this area.   Tom indicated we have a responsibility to every unit.  At this time we have 17-19% rental Units if we have a 25% – this will have a direct impact to the valuation to the property.  We must look out for the community.  To move forward Tom’s idea is to pick a group of units in the community a statistical representation and if the idea is positive to move forward with door to door canvassing to sign a proxy into affect.

Dave added we would then need to put a clause into our CC&R’s, in accordance to the by-laws

Tom asked Nick for a list of property of Homeowners who have rentals and Tom will see if there is a correlation of who are on the list of Non-compliance.  Tom could then have visibility into absentee homeowners.

Neighborhood Watch:

Cathy indicated the Crime Prevention Unit will be attending the Ice Cream Social. Tom will talk to John to form some questions.


Nick had indicated there are 4 delinquent addresses on the report.

Spectrum Authorization:

Releasing Information – Tom made a motion to sign off and Dave had 2nd it.


Nick had indicated we are ok in our Reserves.

The Boulders throughout the Community we should have John look at the retaining walls to see how stable they are.  Dave mentioned we should look at the plans and who had signed offoon them and what the warranty is for the walls.

Lori indicated she will be stepping down from the Board.  September we will meet one more time and October should be our Annual Meeting.

Mike had adjourned the meeting at 9:20 pm.