Approved Minutes for March 2010
Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Meeting March 29th 2010

Attendance: Mike F., Dave C., John M., Sunil L., Tom W., Cathy P., Aditya K.,  and Lynda DuLong from TMG

Homeowner Input –

16642 NW Tucson St. Homeowner is upset that he has received 9 friendly reminders in 2009 would like the reminders to stop. Homeowner is waiting till spring to install the new landscaping.

4398 NW Palmbrook Dr. Homeowner is not understanding the $174 fine, And there were several questions about the reserve fund. Mike was asked to put an explanation on the website.

16599 Oak Creek Dr. Part of the meeting this evening, the homeowners were asked to wait till the meeting.

4656 NW Union Hills Dr. $75 in fines for garbage cans being left out. Lynda D was asked to research the homeowners past fines.

17310 NW Lapaloma Dr. Issue closed – Tree has been replaced.

16853 NW Arizona Dr. New homeowner is asking to be able to leave Black trim paint around the garage. Homeowner has been given a notice to correct but they bought the home in that condition.

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:50pm

Meeting Minutes: Call to approve last meetings minutes Dave C called for approval of the meeting minutes and it was seconded.

President’s Report: Construction on the new play structors is underway

Treasurer’s Report: Sunil and Tom are looking into a different bank for the HOA Accounts – They will present more information at the next board meeting or over email

Committee Reports:

Social Committee: Community Garage Sale date June 5th, Ice cream social will be on August 21st and Cathy P. is still waiting on information about the July 4th celebration.

Landscape Committee: From a email forwarded from Lynda Dulong – Now that Spring is officiallly here Carolyn Benedict and I took a walk of the common areas and this is what we found the needs attention.

1. Missing shrub on the east side of single fir, east edge of the development along West Union, just east of Oak Creek Dr.

2. No tree, only a stump, midway between Oak Creek and Palmbrook, along West Union.

3. Pruning of shrubs needs to be done. ( John, I can walk with you to point out the exact shrubs).

4. Lawn needs moss treatment.

5. One stump/no tree just west of Palmbrook along West Union.

6. Dead shrub next to fir tree, midway between Palmbrook and Laidlaw, along West Union. Plus there is a tree stump in the sameflower bed. Looks like it needs an evergreen like the others along West Union.

7. Orange flag in flower bed. along West Union, that has two fir trees ans is across sidewalk from Verizon power boxes.

8. Arbor Ridge momument on the east side of Laidlaw looks like it needs a few more flowers. When looking directly at the momument, to the left in front the 3 laurel buses, there is an empty space that needs something. Flowers like are already there would be nice.

9. We question the type of evergreen that has been planted as a replacement, just west of Laidlas along West Union. It looks like a “christmas tree and does not match any other evergreens in the area. We do not believe it is the right tree for the area. We aresuggesting that it be replaced by one more like the type that is all along the entire development on West Union.

10. Just to the east of the above tree is a spot where a shrub that matches the one on the other side is needed.

11. Arbovita is needed in the walkway that is located between 174th and Diamondback.

12. Arbovita is missing on the walkway that has the new black chain link fence that begins at the east side of 174/Laidlaw.

13. Has tree & shrub fertilization begun? If not when will that occur?

14. Wetland area just west of Laidlaw where the Beavers have been working. WE have a question. There appears to have been some “human” cutting of one tree next to the chain link fence. John, can you verify. Also, there is a large pile of tree material , very obvious, out in the middel area. Was that done by Beavers or by humans?

15. This one is directed to the board for directioin. In the same area as mentioned above, we found some “human” trach. I will becontacting the Clean Water people for direction. We believe that the “human” trash should be removed. We will let you know what the Clean Water people say.

16. Graffitti found on the walk way between 174th and Diamond back on the white rail fence.

17. Graffitti found on the end fence post, at the enterance to the walk way from 174/Laidlaw where the black chain link has replaced the white rail fence.

18. Rock break down is occurring along the westland walk way on the east part of the subdivision behind the cottage collectioni.Does this need to be assessed by a structural engineer? This is not new, but is continuing to occur with more large rocks. Our concern is that this type of errosion might compromise the integrity of the wall. Mike, while we were walking today we found a woman walking her two very large dogs, off leash, down in the wet lands behind your home. We spoke to here about the fact that the area was not open to people and animals. She was very rude and actually let her dogs come running up to us. They were very wet and dirty, which appeared to verify that they were down in the water. Not sure what you might want to do. If nothing else, she had her dogs off leash. She told us it was none of our business and acted very defiant. Not sure what one might be able to do. We will walk the cottage collection in two weeks and report our findings then. Consider this as the first report from the Landscape committee for this year. John or Mike, please feel free to contact me for further clarification on any of this report.

Management Report:


Homeowner Input:

4611 Sidewinder: Suggestion to remove the fines – Dave C. motioned to remove the fines and this motion was seconded.

17190 NW Elkrun: – Basketball Hoop has been removed

4382 NW Diamondback Dr. – Rent sign in front yard, Homeowner wants this allowance and the fines waved. This issue started a long discussion about signage other than a For Sale sign or a Political sign. A motion to table all signage decisions till the board cam make a determination on for Rent signs, Beware of Dog, etc. All Property signs will be noted during this time until the HOA can form a resolution about signs on a homeowner’s property. Motion by John M. and seconded.

17012 NW Oak Creek Dr. – White rocks in the front yard. Homeowner is stated that the rocks have been there for years and the yard is kept well. There is no stated limit on ground cover. Discussion on this issue was that the rocks are uneven and spotty in there coverage. *Secretary doesn’t recall if there was a determination on the fines assessed.

16599 NW Oak Creek Dr. – For Rent sign in the yard. – This issue is tabled till the Board can make a determination on signage in the yard.

17310 Lapaloma Dr. – Street Tree that was missing, $300 fine – This issue will be researched and discussed in the next meeting.

Motion by Dave C. That to toll all fines for alteration to homes color. And Table all Compliance till further notice. Motion seconded.

Meeting was running late and Mike F. called for a close to this meeting due to all remaining agenda items. It was determined that there will be a continued open meeting Monday April 5th to revisit the Administrative items and Homeowner input.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23pm