Approved Minutes

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Meeting September 27th 2010

Attendance: Mike F., Aditya K., Sunil L., John M., Lynda D. from TMG

Homeowner Input: Tom a homeowner was inquiring about a $11,000 irrigation expense. He explained that he has seen several sprinkler heads that were miss-aimed, or broken shooting water into the street over the summer and wants to know what the landscaping service more or less ignored those issues for several days and weeks over the summer. Mike F. explained that these and other issues were being addressed currently.

City By Choice: 10min presentation about City By Choice. You can read more here

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Meeting was called to order at 7:50pm

Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the special meeting in June were approved by motion from Sunil L.

President’s report: Landscape walk with Mike F., Mary D., Lynda D., and John from Showplace landscaping was done and issues were noted by Mike and Lynda. Also please see the write up from Mary D., Carolyn and Amie
2 board member positions are going to be available this coming election – 3 year terms and a board member at large position is also open.

Treasurer’s Report: Nothing to report at this time

Committee Reports:

Architectural Committee: One door color change request that was approved.
Social Committee: Ice cream social went off well but the turnout was less than the year before.

Management Report:
a: Mailbox issue. There have been complaints that the mailboxes are getting moldy and dirty so there was a quote done for cleaning the mailboxes.
b: 16581 Oak Creek – Papers piling up – No Board issue here.
c: 17094 NW Elk Run – Lawn issue – Good detailed response for a plan of action – No Board issue
d: 17150 NW Oak Creek – Mold issue on the house – No Board issue
e: 16976 NW Mesa View – Dirt beside fence between homes, home owner is making a compose area – No Board issue.

Financial Report: Overall issues are improving and there are less delinquencies

New Business:
1. Reserve Study – Board briefly went over the Reserve Study and agreed that a on-site should be done in the next two years.
2. 2011 Budget – Board discussed the 2011 budget and made adjustments to both the Cottage Collection and Main Collection budgets. The Cottage Collection budget was motioned for approval by John M. and seconded by Sunil L. The Main Collection was discussed at great length to make it balance out for the 2011 year. Budget for the Main Collection was motioned for approval by Sunil L. and seconded by John M. The budget for 2011 will keep the current assessment of $250/yr for the 2011 time frame.
3. Landscape Study – Board went over the new landscape plan to convert several between property driveway grass triangles to convert to a more manageable ground cover solution. Phase I is to convert from Oak Creek North up to West Union. Board approves moving ahead with this plan at this time.
4. Mailbox Cleaning – Bid went out to have the mailboxes cleaning – Costs were bid out to $30/hr or $512.50 for the project. Motion to approve this plan to clean the Mailboxes and not to exceed $1,000 and to buy 4 slow children permanent signs on sign post for the community was motioned by John M. and approved by the board.
5. A short Newsletter for the general election and Fall will be put together and sent out ASAP

Unfinished Business: No unfinished business at this time

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm