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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for April 2nd 2013

Homeowner Input

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 7:03 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • January 29, 2013 Minutes were motioned for approval; Board passed the minutes unanimously.

III. President’s Report

  • None

IV. Treasure’s Report

  • Mike Farris, Treasurer, did an overview of the financials and stated the following:
  • The Budget and Income are on track for the Cottage and Main Collection. As expenses come in for the year an on-going review and updates will be furnished.

V. Committee Report

  • Architectural – Mike Farris reported:
    • A discussion took place on the ARC Committee’s effectiveness. It was discussed the importance of
      having on-going records and the recording in permanent records for historical past and future data
      gathering. Special focus on painting and structural/uniform look. In the future a possible resolution
      to the CCR’s will be made.
  • Landscape – Tom W reported:
    • The following steps are in place to move the project forward:
      1. Add repair of water main estimates/choose a plumber for possible breakage.
      2. Schedule on-going meetings & walk troughs to implement (identify timelines, ground repair, land coverage)
      3. John at Showplace Landscaping suggestions and overview of project.
      4. Create a map (Mike Farris and Mike Foster), and have a special place on our Arbor Ridge Online Website to be able to reference the Davey Report, and frequently asked questions by our community residents.
      5. The tagging of the trees for year 1 is complete.
      6. Continued discussions on the physical impact of the removal of the trees. Which additional trees need to be considered for the 1st year removal. A scheduled walk through with the Landscape Committee and Davey Group (Ruth and Clay).
      7. On April 8th Lisa Walker and Lynda DuLong will be placing letters on the doors of the residents that tree removals will be taking place beginning the week of April 15th.
      8. There were 32 responses from the community on the letter sent out in March 2013.
      9. The trees that will be replaced will be flagged with paint on the curb.
  • Social Events/Neighborhood Watch/Newsletter– Lisa Walker reported:
    • The Neighborhood Watch program is still going strong with special current focus on providing continued crime alerts and educational materials from the Washington County Sherriff’s Department. Ken Walker is attending the Washington County Sheriff’s Department Citizen’s Academy for the next 10 weeks. He will be reporting to the Board of Directors his findings and how they may enhance our current Neighborhood Watch program.
    • The Social Committee had a successful Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Many neighbors reported how appreciative they were of the event. A big thank you went to TMG and ShowPlace Landscaping for their monetary donations in support of this year’s event.
    • The next events will be: June 15th (The Community Garage Sale), July 4th (The CWN annual event that will be a joint event with Arbor Ridge’s community. Arbor Ridge will be doing the Hot Dog stand), August 6th (The National Night Out Event, which is also a CWN joint event in support of the Neighborhood Watch Program) and The Holiday Lighting Contest in the month of December)

VI. Management Report


  • Homeowner Correspondence (please see management report on file, for additional information).  Homeowner Correspondences were discussed regarding waived yard maintenance reminders, and overdue dues.  It was discussed, that homeowners that wish to have a fine waived are asked to present themselves in front of the board in person to discuss further.


  • Delinquency report discussed in detail and recommended advisement of protocol in maintaining collections took place.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • N/A

VII. New Business

  • Walk ways and look at retaining walls. Quotes will be requested.
  • Pull report from ShowPlace Landscaping on sprinklers to see where water conservation can take place. Possibly shut off areas with excessive watering to help control the water expenditure.
  • Spring compliance physical reviews.
  • An amendment is needed to the Vial Fotheringham Collection Program, Lynda DuLong will be taking care of this and proper notification/update will be sent out.
  • Possible resolution created for the ARC Committee for future compliance reviews.
  • Amended taxes reviewed by Mike Farris/Treasurer.

VIII. Unfinished Business

  • Davey Tree Plan and Project Management.

IX. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at 8:28 pm