Meeting Minutes are posted only after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting.
For Example – Meeting On Jan 1st would be Approved on the next meeting and posted to the web site.  If the next meeting was Feb 1st then that is when they would be posted.


Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for November 19th, 2013

Homeowner Input

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 6:34 pm
  • Introductions

II. Meeting Minutes

  • September 24, 2013 Minutes were motioned for approval; Board passed the minutes unanimously. Motion carried.

III. Treasure’s Report

  • Lynda DuLong (TMG) reviewed the financials with Zen Dunaj (Director) and Yong-Feng Yang (Treasurer). Yong-Feng had nothing to add. Linda mentioned that there are funds to spend on landscaping needs. She also added that the delinquency report looks much better.

IV. Committee Report

  • Social Committee – Lisa Walker reported:
    • The Social Committee is responsible for serving hot dogs (700) during the July 4th party, National Night Out happening on the first Tues of August and interfacing with the Charlais HOA, the Holiday lighting party taking place December 14-21st where monetary prizes of $100, $75, and $50 are awarded, and the Easter Egg Hunt happening on the Saturday prior to Easter Sunday.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Lisa Walker reported:
    • There was an issue with some juveniles loitering and/or possibly involved in some illegal activity. Homeowners were attentive and called the authorities to take care of the situation.
    • The Neighborhood Watch program consists of 47 street captains and many more on the email list. Lisa will maintain that list.

  • Landscape – Tom Wilkinson reported:
    • Tree project is in action phase. There have been twelve new trees planted and spread out. He is pleased with the overall look. Some tree removals look better than before.
    • There are three triangle areas where they are testing a low maintenance ground cover. There are a total of 17 that will be done this way.
    • There are new landscaping members and he would like to meet with them to discuss future plans for the committee.
  • Architectural – Board reported:
    • This report was skipped. However, Mary Davidson mentioned that she noticed Showplace adding a tree to a homeowners yard (not on the parking strip) in the Cottage Collection on Arizona. It was noted that we may want to follow up with John @ Showplace or the homeowner to verify the nature of the work performed.

V. Management Report


  • Homeowner Correspondence (please see management report on file, for additional information).  Homeowner correspondences were discussed regarding waived yard maintenance reminders, and overdue dues.  It was discussed, that homeowners that wish to have a fine waived are asked to present themselves in front of the board in person to discuss further.
    • Owner present at meeting asked to reconsider the denied request of their shutters and door color. Owner contended that other home owners have bright colored doors and that their original door color was a bright blue. Board asked her to retrieve a photograph of their home having the original door color as evidence for consideration.

    • Owner present at meeting asked for late fees, interest, intent to lien fees, and lien be waived. Board motioned a one-time removal of soft charges (late fees, interest). Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.


  • Delinquency report discussed in detail

Repairs and Maintenance

VI. New Business

  • Mike Farris mentioned that the website fees are coming soon.
  • Lynda DuLong mentioned there is a trip hazard on Laidlaw.
  • Lynda also mentioned a home owner is repairing a trip hazard in front of their home on Arizona. The tree causing the pavement to rise is NOT on the list of trees Davey recommends for removal. Board discussed the idea of cutting the roots for the homeowner. Home owner wants to replace the tree. Board motioned to have the tree removed after Tom Wilkinson reviews and approves the work, not to exceed $300. Motioned and seconded. Motion carried.

VII. Unfinished Business

    • Beaver Response/Charter Steps
      • The committee is pleased with the board approving the budget of $7000 to remove the beaver dams. Of that amount, approximately $5300 has been used and there is more beaver activity. Committees thoughts:
      • the water level needs to go down more
      • committee wants to ensure there is a plan in place to maintain the water level so that it remains at healthy levels
      • committee recommends we cut the dams deeper and wider
      • on Laidlaw and 174th, the beavers didn’t rebuild for some reason
      • Board motioned to have the existing gap in the dam by Zen Dunaj’s house widened even further and to also work with Fish and Wildlife to trap beavers in that area and by the park. Motioned and seconded. Motion carried. Zen Dunaj will be taking the lead on this, working with Bud from Fish and Wildlife and John from Showplace.
    • Engineering Report
      • Lynda DuLong reviewed rock wall with engineering firm. The engineer advice and observations:- soil tests would probably be a waste of time
      • shouldn’t allow the water level to drop dramatically
      • some trees dying
      • Rock wall and pavement eroding in places
      • May want to review original engineering report to see how it was constructed
      • Home owner created their own retaining wall which might put large retaining wall in jeopardy. May need to follow up with the home owner.
      • Drain pipes should be kept clean. Work with John @ Showplace to ensure that.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at 8:02pm