Meeting Minutes are posted only after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting.
For Example – Meeting On Jan 1st would be Approved on the next meeting and posted to the web site.  If the next meeting was Feb 1st then that is when they would be posted.


Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for April 22nd, 2014

Homeowner Input

  • Brian Smith: Gold Canyon Rd rock wall climbing concern. Juvenile drug use, pet waste not properly being disposed on path. Requesting HOA help, possible signage. HOA owns liability.
  • Lisa Yates: Oak Creek Dr. house becoming eye sore. Home possibly has cracked foundation. Concern about the salability. Concern of traffic coming/going. Also concern on Oak Creek/Arizona retaining wall being dug up. Concerns of landscaping of other homes. Board requested addresses.
  • Home Owner concerned with neighbor disposing cigarette butts on their side of the property. Board suggested working directly with the homeowner. If persisting, Board can send “friendly reminder”. Washington Co offers free mediator neighbor-to-neighbor disputes.
  • Home Owner on Emerald Canyon: Comcast utility box/shrub issue. Security concern with gap that has been left. Bus stop near location increases concern. Asking HOA for protection/support. Possibly alter the fencing. Board asked homeowner to get fencing contractor quotes.
  • Homeowner concerned with street parking. Board asked homeowner to report illegal parking. Other concern with landscaping in the cottage homes – shoddy work.

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 7:07 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • January 20, 2014 Minutes were motioned for approval; Board passed the minutes unanimously. Motion carried.

III. Treasure’s Report

  • Lynda DuLong and Yong-Feng gave the following report – We are trending on track with all budget categories with the Main and Cottage Collections.

IV. Committee Report

  • Social Committee – Lisa Walker reported:
    • Easter Egg Hunt was a success. Was on budget and had over 2000 eggs. Looking to put a newsletter together. Asking board/committee members to contribute to it. Newsletter to include approved paint pallet for home exterior.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Lisa Walker reported:
    • We currently have 48 street captains. Using email to correspond to homeowners. National Night Out is happening in August.
  • Newsletter – Lisa Walker reported:
  • Landscape – Tom Wilkinson reported:
    •  Busy year. Tree project will be a net positive. Showplace cleaning up areas, 17 triangle areas. Tom also has the Comcast issue. Addressing the lawns, Showplace suggesting aerating, reseeding. Triangle areas with no grass will be cleaned up. 52 areas with little grass will be converted to nice ground cover. Soil and reseed around sign areas. More trees with better root structure coming in the fall. Motion to approve $2256 for Showplace to do this additional maintenance. Motion carried.
      Mary had concern with landscaping by new crosswalk at Oak Creek and West Union. Board to investigate.
  • Architectural – Board reported:
    •  There is nothing pending.
  • Ad-Hoc Beaver Committee – Zen Dunaj:
    • More relaxed with beaver dam area. Area is naturally growing back. Bud Weaver stated he caught two beavers. Zen saw three beavers in the pond. He hasn’t seen any equipment. Area is under control right now though. Lisa mentioned that John would be planting about four trees back into the area.

V. Management Report


  • Board reviewed a list of correspondences from homeowners – many of which were informational only. There were several requests from homeowners to waive late fees and/or interest. In an effort to be consistent, the board declined waiving any fees for homeowners who are not present to the meeting.


  • Not much change.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Private Tracts Seal Coat, Walkway repaired along wetland.
  • White Fence Cleaning, White fence cleaning bid of $4500 but doesn’t include water. Another bid from Snugs Pro Wash of $4964.40 which includes water. Motion to use Snugs Pro Wash bid. Motion carried.

VI. New Business

  • 2015 Reserve Study
    Motion to approve $550 for Master and $450 for Cottage for 2015 Reserve Study. Motion carried.
  • 2015 Budget
    Not discussed.
  • Other
  • Motion to approve resolution on approved home colors in neighborhood. Motion carried. (Referenced article that board can enforce this: Architectural Construction Standard Covenants: Exterior Materials 16 & Exterior Finish 17. Architectural Control Committee B1.)
  • Motion to approve foot bridge repair for $975. Motion was tabled.

VII. Unfinished Business

  • Bus Stop Modification
    Topic tabled.
  • Tree Removal Phase 2
    Not discussed.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at 8:09 PM