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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for February 7, 2017

Avamere at Bethany Retirement Center (Craft Room | 3rd Floor); 16360 NW Avamere Court Portland OR 97229

Homeowner Input

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 6:51 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve meeting minutes for October 5, 2016. Motion passed.

III. Treasure’s Report

IV. Committee Report

  • Neighborhood Watch – Lisa Walker reported:
    • More volunteers.
    • Started evangelizing for homeowners in the community to join.
  • Social/Newsletter Committee – Lisa Walker reported:
    • There was little volunteer support for the Easter Egg hunt, so the decision was to put it on hold. If people are passionate about it, then we need to come together to organize it as a group – so it’s not left onto a single persons hands.
    • Suggestion to shorten the newsletter to more “hot topic” items. Keep doing it quarterly.
    • Annual garage sale has been moved to September.
    • Continue to do hot dog stand for 4th of July celebration.
    • National Night Out:
  • Landscape – Tom Wilkinson reported:
    • Continuation of the Davey Tree Project. Tom believes all the marked trees have been removed. Will continue to evaluate the existing trees in the neighborhood to ensure they don’t get out of hand. Since the new trees will most likely not need any pruning, Tom feels like the current plan should be changed into a new plan to accommodate the changes made.
    • Tom mentioned that Showplace is not maintaining the triangle areas that we converted to ground cover.
  • Architectural – Board reported:
    • No new updates

V. Management Report


  • Homeowner Correspondence (please see management report on file, for additional information).  Homeowner correspondences were discussed regarding waived yard maintenance reminders, and overdue dues.  It was discussed, that homeowners that wish to have a fine waived are asked to present themselves in front of the board in person to discuss further.
  1. Washington Co sent “Notice of Violation” to a couple homeowners to have their trees removed and sidewalk fixed. Homeowner asking for help. Motion on the floor for the Board to finance and remove those two trees. The homeowners would be responsible for repairing the sidewalk. Motion seconded and passed.
  2. Homeowner asking fee to be waived. They were not present. Board requests they come to the board meeting before we waive.
  3. The daughter of an elderly homeowner is requesting a fine to be waived due to his age and health – he wasn’t aware of it. Motion on the floor to waive the fine. Motion passed.
  4. Homeowner at meeting requesting landscaping fine to be waived. The yard has been updated. Motion to waive the fine. Motion passed.


  1. Delinquency Report/Collection Update
    • Not much change. Discussion on what to do with the larger delinquent accounts. Decision was made to keep it in Vials court – until they feel they can’t do much more there.

VI. Unfinished Business

  1. Monument Design
    • Suggestion made to scale back the proposed landscape design after seeing their proposal. Motion on the floor that the board collect bids to enhance both monument signs not to exceed $6500. Motion carried. Tom, Caroline, Mike Walker, and Mike Farris would be interested to oversee the proposed designs, as part of an ad-hoc committee.

VII. New Business

  1. Water Overage
    • Accountant said we were underfunded on the water. We’ve reviewed history data. There was an increase but not enough to justify the difference. We are investigating the meters to make sure they’re accurate. Discussion on possible ideas to address this expense. Board requests Showplace not to do any landscaping updates without board approval – unless it’s an emergency. Scheduling a walkthrough of the neighborhood to review landscaping concerns in the cottage collection. Board decided not to do bark dust in the cottages.
  2. 2017 Work Plan
    • Not discussed.
  3. 2017 Reserve Study
    • Discussed future planned expenses.
  4. Showplace Landscape Proposals
    • Proposal to cut back beaver dam. Board requesting the location and specifics of the cleanup. Motion to approve the expense contingent on them sending the location and details of the cleanup. Motion passed.
    • Table the “arbor vitae farm”.
  5. Landscape Tree Plan 2017
  6. Volunteers Social Events
  7. Suggestions from Tom Weyenberg – homeowner:
    • He wants to volunteer to be on garbage can patrol, to monitor Thursdays after 1pm. Motion to establish a garbage can patrol committee, where Tom would be the head. Motion passed. Suggestion to just “tag” the cans by placing the notice halfway inside the can, as well as notifying TMG to keep a history and see if there are any repeat offenders.
    • Other neighborhood suggestions discussed.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at: 8:44pm