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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for October 29, 2019

Avamere at Bethany Retirement Center (Craft Room | 3rd Floor); 16360 NW Avamere Court Portland OR 97229



Funding for Main Collection

  • Motion to approve the transfer of $46,076 from the Reserve Fund into the main operating account to cover for the high EOY seasonal demand. Motion passed.

Showplace Enhance Proposals

  • Master valves/timers at each of the 4 irrigation meters
  • Motion to approve the Showplace master valves proposal for $4292, with payment to come from the Main Reserve Funds. Motion passed.
  • Low maintenance/water enhancement proposal along parkstrip lawns on Laidlaw
  • No motions or actions taken at this time.
  • Board to work with AMS and Showplace to provide several more options/proposals to beautify the area as well as provide low maintenance and water usage.
  • Board to work with AMS and identify funds in the Reserve to account for this expense/investment.


  • Nothing discussed.