Approved Minutes For November 2005

Meeting Notes

November 15, 2005

  1. I.      Call to order:
    1. The meeting was called to order by Mary Davidson at 7 PM.
    2. Board members present:
      1. i.      Mary Davidson
      2. ii.      Ken Pepe
      3. iii.      Kathy Parsons
      4. iv.      Dave Cummings
      5. v.      Mike Farris
      6. vi.      Allen Morgan
    3. Mary announced the resignation of board member Bill Spivey due to health reasons.
    4. New board member Dave Cummings was introduced and welcomed by Mary.
  2. II.      Approval of Minutes
    1. The meeting minutes from October 18, 2005 were briefly discussed.
    2. Allen Morgan moved that the minutes be accepted.
    3. The motion was seconded and approved.
  3. III.      Treasurer’s report (Allen Morgan):
    1. Main association budget:
      1. i.      Allen reported that the main association is currently $6,774 below budget.
      2. ii.      A large water bill, for the period starting on 7/5/05 and ending 9/7/05 was paid.
    2. Cottage Collection budget:
      1. i.      Like the main association, the Cottage Collection is also currently under budget by $5,045
      2. ii.      A large water bill for the Cottage Collection was also paid.
    3. 2006 Arbor Ridge Proposed Budget
      1. i.      Proposed budgets for both the Main Association and the Cottage Collection were sent out by NWCM.
      2. ii.      The proposal calls for raises in both the Main and Cottage Collection budget.
      3. iii.      Several line items, including water, were changed substantially for the coming year.
      4. iv.      New line items of $5080 for “Irrigation Repair” are part of the proposal.
      5. v.      The proposed budget raised a number of questions.
      6. vi.      Allen will contact NWCM and Show Place landscape for additional information.
  4. IV.      Homeowner Input:
    1. Association homeowner Michael Harney presented provided feedback to the board raising the following concerns about his parking issues stating:
      1. i.      He did not receive a letter from NWCM about parking his PGE truck.
      2. ii.      A sticker was placed on his truck windshield
      3. iii.      He was concerned because NWCM representative Pat Moore took pictures of his home and his children – stated that he reported this to the police.
      4. iv.      He received only one phone call from Pat Moore
      5. v.      He only parks his truck on the street when he is taking his kids to school.
      6. vi.      Mary Davidson was the only person to contact him directly.
    2. Homeowner Carolyn Yatsu raised questions about the tree on tract 1:
      1. i.      Carolyn raised concerns about the tree being removed as it had been used a selling point for the adjacent property that they had just purchased.
      2. ii.      Mary gave a brief update and deferred discussion to old business.
    3. Homeowner Jordan Parsons raised concerns about street trees not being trimmed.
  5. V.      Old Business:
    1. Tract 1:  Mary gave a review and update on the tree.
      1. i.      The tree is slated to be taken down due to safety concerns,.
      2. ii.      Kathy made a motion that we determine if Tract one can be deeded to the adjacent property owner.
      3. iii.      The motion was seconded and passed.
      4. iv.      Allen stated that his could save the Main association maintenance costs.
    2. Association Website:
      1. i.      Arun Joshi gave update and demonstration of the proposed website.
      2. ii.      He will develop this at no cost to the association.
      3. iii.      Mike presented four web site cost analysis options.
      4. iv.      Arun requested the ability to provide local business advertising in the lower left panel of the home page.
      5. v.      Discussion followed
      6. vi.      Mike moved that we move forward with option 2.
      7. vii.      The motion was seconded and approved.
    3. Committee Reports:
      1. i.      Social Committee:
        1. Kathy presented a proposal for a holiday event and a request for an estimated $1500 to fund it.
        2. Mary motioned that fund and support Kathy’s proposal.
        3. The motion was seconded and approved.
      2. ii.      ARC:
        1. Mike gave a review of current ARC activities
        2. A new ARC status report was presented.
        3. Brief discussion followed.
      3. iii.      Neighborhood Watch/Community Involvement
        1. Allen sated that he had not knowingly agreed to take on Neighborhood Watch.
        2. Allen stated that he had sent in an application to join the local Washington County Citizen Participation Organization and will report future news.
      4. iv.      Vinyl Fencing Cleaning:
        1. Ken Pepe reported that companies do not bring in their own water when cleaning the fence.
        2. Water hookups will be needed.
        3. NWCM will be contacted to determine how previous fence cleaner connected to water.
  6. VI.      New Business:
    1. Wetlands:
      1. i.      Mary presented wetland update and is following up on the turnover of this property to the association.
      2. ii.      Several issues remain including clean up and removal of the temporary irrigation system.
    2. Arbor Ridge email:
      1. i.      Mike stated that on-line e-mail would be part of the website.
      2. ii.      Discussion followed.
    3. Proposal for “New Homeowners” packet & process
      1. i.      Mary presented an outline for a packet to send to new homeowners.
      2. ii.      Allen agreed to help with further development of the packet.
    4. Possible change of monthly meeting day to 4th Monday of each month:
      1. i.      Mary requested a change to the 4th Monday of each month.
      2. ii.      The church space is available.
      3. iii.      Discussion followed.
      4. iv.      The December meeting would be skipped.
      5. v.      Allen moved to change the monthly meeting day to the 4th Monday and to skip the December meeting.
      6. vi.      The motion was seconded and approved.
  7. VII.      The meeting was adjourned at about 8:45 PM.
  8. VIII.      An executive board session immediately followed the meeting to discuss the parking situation on NW Moon Valley Terrace:
    1. The board discussed the parking situation.
    2. Communications to the homeowner would be verified through NWCM.
    3. Mary stated that we are obligated to respond to the homeowner within ten days.
    4. The homeowner will be notified by letter from NWCM.
    5. The executive session was adjourned at about 9:20 PM.

Submitted by Allen Morgan