Approved Minutes For January 2006

Meeting Minutes


Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 1/23/2006 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Ken Pepe, Mike Farris, Dave Cummings and Cathy Parson

Not Present: None

Guests: Kitty Bunten and Dave Hummel from NWCM

Allen Morgan has resigned from the board effective immediately citing personal reasons.  Mike Farris will assume Secretary duties and Ken Pepe will assume Treasure duties.

I.          Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

II.        Approval of Minutes

The minutes the November 15th 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.  Citing that management report incorrectly shows the meeting was in December.  NWCM will correct.

III.       Treasure’s Report

  • Ken reviewed the budget from 2005 and we are on budget.
  • Action Item: Ken is going to contact NWCM for full review of the budget.
  • 2006 Budget Review and Approval Board reviewed budget.  Questions to NWCM are section 3.2 should read “no accounts” instead of “one no accounts”. NWCM will correct.
  • Cathy moved to Approve Budget, Ken seconded motion, All Approved
  • Mary moved to recall Budget Approval pending approval of NWCM contract, Cathy seconded motion, All Approved.

IV.       Homeowner Input

  • One (1) Homeowner was present
  • Concerns were raised in regards to Rental homes.  Renters are not apparently being informed of CCR’s either by the home owner or rental agency.  Home owner present has personal picked up recycle bins for renter after days of being left out.  Renters are using her street side parking for their personal vehicles instead of their driveway or garage.  Load music and dogs barking are also Issues.  Suggestions from the Board and NWCM are as follows:  Barking Dogs can be called into Animal Control, they have been very responsive in the past to these issues.  Parking violations can be either logged in to Washington County Sheriff  or via their web site.  Since the it is a public street this is the quickest action that can be taken.  Noise issues should be also directed to the Sheriff.  They can fine on the spot if needed.  Garbage and recycling can violations can be called in to NWCM for action.  It should be noted that CCR violations will go to the home owner and not the renter.  All issues can still be reported to NWCM, but in some cases parking, dogs and noise should be called in to the proper county agency for action.

V.                Old Business

Tract I Update

  • Mary and Ken met with new home owner on 1/22/06 to discuss lack of communication on the tree removal service and NWCM on status of tree removal.  Apologies from the board were made to the home owner and it will be discussed with NWCM.
  • Discussions with the home owner also took place to discuss expectations of deeding over the Common Area to the home owner.  The HOA will have the landscaper clean up sawdust from tree removal, remove stones, level the ground and re-sod before deeding the property over to the home owner, cost will be $626 to complete.
  • A motion was made by Mike to approve the landscaping, Dave seconded the motion, All approved.
  • Property will not be completed until spring because of the wet weather we have had.
  • Action Item: Mary and Kitty will put together the cost


  • The Arbor Ridge Web Site is now Online.  Some details are still being worked on for the site.
  • Homeowner notification of web site has been through this meetings agenda, NWCM will include the website address on the assessment billings, and we will include some information on the next newsletter.

Contract with NWCM

  • Review and Approval of the Contract with NWCM.
  • Mary asked for definition on Section 12.3 Trade Secrets: defined as Tools used to create reports and figures for AR HOA.  For example excel document formulas.
  • Mary has requested NWCM add a section 4.14 to include a Board meeting instead of a monthly walk through per a quarter.
  • Dave has requested that clarity be made on NWCM insurance indemnification clause for AR HOA.
  • Action Item: Dave will check in with the Insurance Agent for clarification
  • Action Item: Dave will check in with our lawyer on language usage in certain sections of the contract.  This is a long term review and will not effect approval of the contract.
  • Cathy requested clarification on several sections: 2.3, 3.3, 4.10, 8c, 9.2b, 12.1  Clarifications from NWCM were satisfactory
  • Mary requested a motion to approve the 31hr Contract to retain same level of service as we have had in the past, Ken motioned, Cathy seconded, All Approved new Contract.
  • Mary requested a motion to approve 2006 Budget based on new Contract, Mike motioned, Ken seconded, All Approved new contract.
  1. VI. New Business

Crane flies

  • Crane Flies have been discovered by the landscaper in the cottage home lawns and the common area.  This has been a problem in the past for the home owners and Showplace would like to spray them now while in the larval stage.  Cost to cover the areas will be $1560.
  • A Motion was called by Ken to spend the money to treat for the problem, Cathy seconded the motion, All Approved.
  • Action Item: Mary will confirm how many treatments will be covered by this cost before they move ahead and spray.
  • Info on the Crane Fly:

Mr Harney

  • A decision was made to move forward with fines for on going parking issue.

VII.     Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 8:41 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 2/27/2006 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes submitted by:            Mike Farris