Approved Minutes For October 2006

Meeting Minutes


Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 10/24/2006 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Ken Pepe, Mike Farris, Cathy Parson, Dave Cummings, Lori Constant, Bill Brewer

Not Present: N/A

Guests: Pam Wathen/NWCM

I.          Approval of Agenda

  • The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

II.        Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION was made – Approve Minutes for Aug 28th 2006
  • Pam from NWCM indicated we should review the Basketball hoop decision to make sure the CCR’s cover it.  The board will revisit in a future meeting.
  • No Minutes for September as it was the Annual Meeting for elections and not Meeting was held.

III.       Treasurer’s Report

  • Ken reported that we are still in good shape, everything is in order.

IV.       Homeowner Input

  • Two home Owners Present
  • No questions from the home owners

V.                Old Business

Annual Meeting

  • The Annual Meeting was Held on September 25th 2006 to elect and fill two board positions.  A quorum was not meet to elect new members.  The floor was queried for volunteers who would like to join the board.  Two Home Owners William Brewer and Lori Constant volunteered to join the board.  The remainder of the meeting was informational and question and answer with NWCM. No Business was held by the board at this meeting.

Tract I

  • Tract I which spans across the corner of lot 571 concluded to bring closure.  It was determined if we were to meet the request of the Home Owner (lot 571) we would like to deed the property over to, it would coats the association an additional  $550.  This was found to be unacceptable expense for the Association as we have had to expense money to bring down the dying oak tree, grind the stump and clean up the area.  The Home Owner is being offered the property with no strings attached and would increase their property value and allow them to use the property as they wish.
  • The offer stands for the last time to allow the Home Owner to accept our offer to dead the property over as is.
  • MOTION was made –
  1. For NWCM/Pam to convey to the Home Owner of Lot 571 that we will offer to dead the property over as is.
  2. If the Home Owner on Lot 571 declines we will remove any sod in Tract I and bark dust it so it is maintenance free and will not need to be maintained by the Landscape Contractor and Tract I will stay community property and belong to the association and home owners.
  3. NWCM/Pam will notify Home Owner on lot 503 that the Association will replace the two dead plants in from of the porch that were originally planted by West Hills.
  4. The board believes based on information provided by the Home Owner and Showplace that the Home Owner was negligent in knowing of sprinkler problems for at least four months before notifying NWCM.  The result was an a sprinkler height adjustment to his sprinklers to reach over the landscaping improvements that he had planted that was billed to the association in order to reach the plants initially planted by West Hills.
  5. This will be a one time plant replacement in the future any of his landscape improvements that effect the sprinklers will need to be covered at his expense and any plants that dye as a result of his improvements will be replaced at his expense.
  6. Information to all home owners will be included in the next newsletter about making landscape improvements in the cottage homes that effect the sprinklers systems.
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to follow instruction in the motion

4398 Palmbrook/Lot 503/Dead Shrubs

  • MOTION was made –
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to follow instruction in the motion

Lot 92/93 Arborvitae

  • NWCM/Pam has not heard back from West Hills on adding a water meter to the line as it should have been done before the Turn over of the association.  She is requesting a couple more weeks to gather information to provide a resolution and before notifying the home owner that is using the association backflow device.
  • NWCM/Pam has sent out two bids for the Financial Review.  One bid has been returned and it will be $2300 for both years to review.  Pam will contact the board when the second bid is back.  Pam and Mary already have approval from the Aug meeting to accept the lowest bid.
  • Repairs to watering system, fence and arborvitae have been completed.
  • Still on track to be turned over.  Mary will meet with Pam to make sure we are on track to have them turned over to the association by Jan 1st 2007

Financial Review for 2005/2006

Damage on Pathway from Fire

Wetland Status

  1. VI. New Business

Introduction of New Members

  • Lori Constant and Bill Brewer have been appointed to the two open board positions.  They Volunteered at the September Annual Meeting to fill the positions and the board approves.
  • Selection of Officers will be put on hold till Jan 2007.  This is to allow current positions to be cross trained and to allow the two new members to adjust to the board.

Budget 2007

  • Budget was reviewed and discussed.  The net increase for the Main Association is 8% and ¼ of a percent for the cottage Landscape Maintenance.
  • Pam will research the increases in Insurance and Water for the Main Association
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to research

Introduction of Pam from NWCM

  • Pam introduced herself officially to the board and to the home owners present.

Annual Tree/Shrub Replacement in the Common areas

  • MOTION was made – To have Showplace to come to the board in Feb/Mar of 2007 to do the Annual Tree/Shrub replacement in the common areas.
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM/Pam to contact Showplace

Holiday Light Contest

  • MOTION was made –  To give Cathy an allowance of up to $800 to put together a Holiday Light Contest which we include Prizes and Flyers that need to be mailed.

Newsletter Winter 2006

  • Solicited board for information for the Newsletter.  Mike will send out schedule for getting the newsletter produced to the board.

Open PVC Pits in the common areas

  • Pam presented a proposal to replace the open valve boxes with one that will not  continue to lose their cover.  The cost is $45 each for 16 spots.
  • MOTION was made –  To approve the replacement of the valve covers units.
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM/Pam to contact Showplace

VII.     Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 8:55 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 11/27/2006 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes submitted by:            Mike Farris