Approved Minutes For November 2006

Meeting Minutes


Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 11/27/2006 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Mike Farris, Cathy Parson, Dave Cummings, Lori Constant, Bill Brewer

Not Present: Ken Pepe

Guests: N/A

I.          Approval of Agenda

  • The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

II.        Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION was made – Approve Minutes for Oct 22nd 2006

III.       Treasurer’s Report

  • Ken dictated to Mary prior to the meeting that he felt the Financials were in good shape and under budget.

IV.       Homeowner Input

  • Five home Owners Present
  • Hearing #1; ARC application Lot 278; Homeowner is going to revise his plan to accommodate for costs and landscaping changes.  Discussion over second story deck occurred and he will not pursue this.  He will update his plans and the Arc will make arrangements to visit him and his architect to review the final plan.
  • Hearing #2; CCR Violation Street Parking Lot 517; Board heard homeowner in regards to the violations.  Homeowner commercial vehicle is constantly parked on the private street at different times of the day.  Homeowner has not adhered to several letters and previous hearing to keep the commercial vehicle parked in his driveway.  Homeowner has been notified that he will be fined $100 per an occurrence going forward, the board has asked him for the final time to adhere to the CCR’s and the boards request to keep his commercial vehicle and any personal vehicles parked in his garage and driveway.
  • Home Owner Present asked about parking on the street in other areas.  The areas in question are under county jurisdiction and would need to contact Washington county Sheriff to have the vehicle towed or ticketed.  Referred homeowner to our web site for more information on contacting them.
  • Home Owner has a list of things that he would like to see the board address.  The list is available to the board and the board will look into the ideas after the beginning of the year.  Encouraged Home owner to be involved with possible committees the board could create to explore some of their ideas.

V.                Old Business

Holiday Celebration

  • Holiday Light judging will occur on Dec 16th 2006.
  • MOTION was made – to allow expense of the gift cards and expense for celebration.


  • Newsletter will be sent out via NWCM after costs are confirmed
  1. VI. New Business

Tract I

  • MOTION was made – to repair the concrete sidewalk crack and quick deed the Tract over to homeowner.
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to follow instruction in the motion

Lot 92/93 Irrigation

  • Placing on hold till new year to address new items with new management company

Showplace Planting Schedule

  • MOTION was made – to have plant replacement occur in Feb/Mar of 2007
  • No December Meeting will be held
  • It was announced that after careful consideration, searching and research that we have decided and voted upon in a Emergency Meeting held on Oct 20th 2007, that we will not renew our contract with Northwest Community Management and we will enter into a contract with The Management Group.  Details to the home owners will be coming soon.
  • MOTION was made – To approve the 2007 budget with no changes
  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to contact Showplace to re-evaluate plants in the spring for Feb/Mar replacement

December Meeting

Management Company change

Proposed 2007 Budget

  • ACTION ITEM – NWCM to implement budget

VII.     Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 8:40 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 1/22/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes submitted by:            Mike Farris