Approved Minutes For January 2007

Meeting Minutes


Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:04 PM on 1/22/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Mike Farris, Ken Pepe, Dave Cummings

Not Present: Cathy Parson, Lori Constant

Guests: Michelle Underwood – TMG

I.          Approval of Agenda

  • The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

II.        Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION was made – Approve Minutes for November 2006

III.       Treasurer’s Report

  • A Final Financial was not sent by NWCM for November and December 2006.
  • Michelle from TMG will contact their Accounting Department to send them to the Board.
  • TMG will have their first Financials for January 2007 for the February 2007 Board Meeting.

IV.       Homeowner Input

  • Three Home Owners Present
  • New Home Owner was present.  He had questions on HOA dues and how they were billed and applied to the community.  Since he moved in during December his file has not caught up to TMG.  TMG will research and contact him.
  • Home Owner had Questions on how to submit an ARC application..

V.                Old Business

Holiday Light Contest

  • Prizes were awarded to Home Owners on the night of judging.
  • Harrison Family on Gold Canyon received $100 Safeway Gift Card
  • Martin Family on Tucson received $75 Fred Meyer Gift Card
  • Bybee Family on Arizona received $50 Target Gift Card

Tract I

  • Concrete repair was not completed by NWCM before turn over to TMG.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will follow up with bids to repair concrete and will get up to speed on deed process

Lot 92/93 Irrigation

  • MOTION was made – Homeowners will maintain the watering and replacement of the Arborvitae.  The Property is not common property owned by the HOA.  The HOA will continue to Trim and Fertilize and spray for bugs.  Lot 92 will need to start watering their section of Arborvitae.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to follow instruction in the motion and contact home owners of decision.

Showplace Planting Schedule

  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will contact landscaper and line up action items for the board as to what plants need to be replaced
  1. VI. New Business

Spider Mite Spraying of Arborvitae

  • MOTION was made – Showplace to move forward with spraying.  Board would like to know if spraying compound is a chemical that Home Owners need to be notified about before it occurs.
  • Home Owners Tom and Karen would like to co-chair a committee to start a Neighborhood Watch Program.  They will research with law enforcement as to what it will take to start the program and possible ways of communicating to Home Owners.  They will report back on their status in the Feb 2007 meeting.
  • MOTION was made – To create committee.
  • The Board desires a better and more efficient way of notifying Home Owners of Board Meetings.  We are looking at signs for the main entrances.
  • Michelle @ TMG will bring a sample of what they have done for other associations in the Feb 2007 meeting.
  • Sign would contain Verbiage:  Arbor Ridge HOA Meeting; This Monday @ 7pm; Visit Web Site for more information. TMG Updates
  • Michelle @ TMG will bring a sample of what they have done for other associations in the Feb 2007 meeting.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will cancel all current collection and lien processes set up with NWCM and bring them in house.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will help in setting up a retainer for General Council.  They will follow and report back to the board.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will check on the status of our 2005 and 2006 Financial Audit.  If the 2005 is not complete they will get a proposal for the Audit as well as get a proposal for the 2006 Audit.  After Jan 2007 Financials are completed they will have a better recommendation as to the type of Audit we should have done.
  • ACTION ITEM – Hardship request from Home Owner.  Michelle will get more info on Home Owner records so the board can make a decision.
  • ACTION ITEM – Board resend Term lengths and Dates to TMG
  • ACTION ITEM – Reserve Study. Michelle will contact vendor and provide board with updates and recommendations.
  • ACTION ITEM – Collection Resolution.  Michelle will help us amend our resolution for collections to be up to date.
  • ACTION ITEM – Fine and Enforcement Policy.  Michelle will work with us to put one in place.
  • Signature Cards were signed for new bank accounts.
  • Home outlined by Cathy on the Board will be followed up by Michelle on violations.
  • Newsletter content for the spring to include info on re painting Trim, washing house and revised resolutions.
  • ARC forms should be emailed to Board Member Mike from TMG for review.
  • TMG has a directors Workshop on Feb 24th 2007 that they would like board members to attend from 9 am to 3pm.  Information to follow
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to contact Showplace and Verify Chemical and report to Board

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Meeting Signage

TMG Updates

VII.     Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 8:46 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 2/26/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes submitted by:                              Mike Farris