Approved Minutes For February 2007

Meeting Minutes


Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 2/26/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Mike Farris, Ken Pepe, Lori Constant, Cathy Parson, Dave Cummings

Not Present:

Guests: Michelle Underwood, April Carroll – TMG

I.          Approval of Agenda

  • The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

II.        Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION was made – Approve Minutes for January 2007

III.       Treasurer’s Report

  • Financials are not available and will be put off till next month

IV.       Homeowner Input

  • Newspapers not being picked up by home owners that are home. (NEWSLETTER)
  • List of violations brought to the board and handed over to TMG for follow up
  • Add news letter Painting and washing the house for moldy

V.                Management Report

Compliance Report

  • Reviewed the compliance report in the Management Report

General Council Retainer

  • We were not charged for review
  • They would be council to us and not to TMG, $500 retainer and contract is good for two years
  • MOTION was made- To hire Barker Martin as our council and pay them the $500 retainer fee.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to inform Barker Martin of decision

Tract I

  • It might be needed to have home ownership vote to deed it over. TMG wants to research our documents and make sure we can legally deed the property over.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to follow up with concrete repair for Sidewalk Specialist, follow up with Eric on what we should do with the deed.  They will also follow up with the Home Owner

Lot 92/93

  • Home Owner of lot 91 is agreeable to getting water hooked back up at home owners expense and return it to the original installation and have a deduct meter.  Show place will read the meter.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will finalize work with home owner and Showplace
  • Rules and regulations
  • Adopt Policies for Fence Stain; this can be used as a pre-approval for home owners and only need to ARC for approval of stain colors. (NEWSLETTER)
  • Michelle can send us examples of Architectural Guide Lines.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will get us price information
  • Was presented to the Board for review.  Needs to go out with the next Newsletter (NEWSLETTER)
  • Changes to the resolution are the lien processes. Saving to H/O in the long run as the process is in house vs. using an attorney to process.
  • Send the first week of April to H/O w/ Newsletter and adopt in April Meeting to allow H/O input.
  • TMG is working on this and needed board input
  • Aiming for end of March Spring Newsletter
  • Add Pet pickup info, collection resolution, ARC guidelines, newspaper pickup,
  • Reviewed
  • Proposal to audit for audit review for 2005 ($2350) and audit for 2006 ($5000)
  • Pose the Question to Barker Martin if we should pursue 2005 review because we would need to as we are doing a full 2006
  • MOTION was made – To adopt the Currie & McClain Bid for 2006 and hold off on the 2005 BID until our General Council opinion advises if we should do a review of 2005
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to follow through with Currie & McClain and Barker Martin
  • For 2006 we need to have a Maintenance Plan and update our reserve study
  • Suggestion to use Dan Huntley that did the 2004 study. Cost would be $550 plus the cost of a maintenance plan.
  • MOTION was made – Hire Dan Huntley WSC to update our reserve study for $550 and if they propose maintenance plan for $500 or less we authorize TMG to move forward with it.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG will follow up
  • TMG has made a payment agreement with the Home Owner to fit their request.
  • PGE was called to fix street lights
  • Washington County needs to be contact instead of Beaverton
  • Still evaluating some broken fence
  • Planting Schedule was presented from Show Place $1400 cottage $1864 for common areas
  • Change side yard 16943 Greyhawk to non-grass ($250)
  • Deduct Meter for Lot 91 ($356)
  • MOTION was made – to accept the bids for shrub replacement, 16943 Greyhawk reconfigure and Deduct Meter for Lot 91
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to follow up with Show Place to complete these items
  • Proposal to put in drainage for areas that we have drainage problems.
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to check with Barker Martin and if West Hills should fix these areas.
  • MOTION was made – to grind the stump out on oak creek & laidlaw and clean up area
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to notify Showplace to move forward

Rules and Regulations

Meeting Signage

Collection Resolution

Fine and Enforcement Policy Resolution


Delinquency Report

Audit & Taxes

Reserve Study

Special Circumstances Owner

Light Poles

Street Signage

General Maintenance


Wetland Drainage

Street Trees

  1. VI. New Business

Appoint New Board Member

  • MOTION was made – to appoint new board member to board
  • ACTION ITEM – TMG to provide any needed information

VII.     Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 9:00 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 3/26/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes submitted by:                              Mike Farris