Approved Minutes For March 2007

Meeting Minutes



Mary Davidson called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 3/26/07 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members:

Mary Davidson, Lori Constant, Cathy Parson, Dave Cummings, Chandru

Not Present:  Ken Pepe, Mike Farris

Guests:  Michelle Underwood (TMG), April Carroll (TMG), Anthony (Homeowner)

  1. I. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

  1. II. Approval of Minutes

MOTION was made – Approve Minutes for February 2007


  1. III. Treasurer’s Report

Ken was not present and Chandru did not receive the report.

Mary and Ken reviewed report

Assets and Liabilities are balanced, Budget for 82K is fine

Main and Cottage – fee income was transferred into Reserve

MOTION was made – Approved Financials for February 2007

  1. IV. Homeowner Input

Homeowner Anthony had concerns about $37,000 for watering in Cottage Collection.

Can we cut back on out water to watering every other night to reduce bill.

ACTION ITEM- Mary to ask Showplace if every other day is possible.  Not sure how much                     this change will reduce bill since we are on a commercial rate.

Arbor For Sale Sign – Homeowner asks if this is fair since it is for homes outside of the area.

What are the considerations for other companies/people who want to “buy” the space.

Board says now that we have homeowner input we can voice the opinion                                       that we do not want future signs in the neighborhood.

  1. V. Management Report

Compliance Report

Violations are to be in numerical order and will be set up by street and spaced out.  We are

waiting to see the customized report to make it easier  to read.

List of violations brought to the board and handed over to TMG for follow up

Tract I

80% approval is necessary to deed property over.  Showplace to be consulted

about planting the area.  A Maintenance Easement will be proposed to homeowner

MOTION made – ALL in favor

LOT 92/93

Homeowner can’t locate the timer – Showplace will replace if Homeowner is unable to locate

Meeting Signage

5 signs to be purchased for a total of $1,000

Need to lock them down with a cable and keyed locks

Signs will read:  ARBOR RIDGE HOA

Board Meeting

Mon @ 7:00 PM

Sunset Christian Church

Fine and Enforcement Policy Resolution

Changes to wording to be made

MOTION made – ALL in favor


Mike Farris continuing to work on this

Delinquency Report

Report was reviewed, we will see only 60 day or more on the report 26K is outstanding on Cottage             Collection, NWCM is not communicating the status of collection on delinquent accounts


John from Showplace recommends spraying for moss

MOTION made – Mary able to approve spraying for moss up to $500


Letter to go from Attorney to put West Hills Development on Notice that they are responsible to fix        any problems in the wetland area

VI. Adjournment:

Mary adjourned meeting at 9:00 PM.  The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 4/23/07 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Cathy Parson/typed by Lori Constant