Approved Minutes For Annual Meeting September 2007

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order
    • Michelle Underwood from TMG called the Annual meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:15 PM on 9/24/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.
    • Present Board Members: Mary Davidson, Lori Constant, Dave Cummings , Mike Farris
    • Not Present: Ken Pepe, Cathy Parson, Chandru Vaidyanathan
    • Guests: Michelle Underwood (TMG), Nick Horn (TMG)
  1. Introduction of Members and Guests
  1. Establishment of a Quorum
    • We had 87 total Proxies and/or Home Owners.
    • We were unable to hold an annual meeting since we need a total of 143 Proxies and/or Home Owners to vote.
  1. Approval of Minutes
    • Approval of Minutes for July 30th 2007 were not possible since the Board did not have a Quorum of Four Active Board Members.
  2. Presidents Report
    • Mary Explained to the Home Owners that we are unable to complete the Annual Meeting since the law requires that we have enough proxies and/or Home Owners present to make the Quorum of 143.
    • The New Management Company TMG that was hired starting January 2007 has shown us a positive direction and the board is pleased with the progress of getting management duties back on track and handling several outstanding issues the former management company left undone.
    • The Wetlands
      • The wetlands will become the sole responsibility of ARHOA at the end of Oct.  West Hills Development will no longer be required by law to maintain and sustain the growth in the wetlands.  They have satisfied the criteria set by Oregon State Lands Department.
        • A Walk through was completed with ARHOA Board members, TMG and West Hills to review items that will be completed by west Hills
        • This includes cleanup of pipe from the sprinklers, garbage and a couple of maintenance issues.
      • The wetlands consist of two areas: The actual wetlands and a burm area along the walking paths.
        • The wetland must be maintained in a natural state
        • The ARHOA can not do any maintenance in the wetland area except clear a two foot path along the walking paths.
        • There will be an article in the newsletter and on the web site about the wetlands that was put together by the group that monitored the wetlands.
        • Additional signage will be provided by West Hills along the wetlands letting the public know they should stay out of the wetlands as they are protected.
        • We can and will need to monitor the wetlands for Noxious weeds like blackberry and thistles, and will need to eliminate them as we see them.
      • Home Owner Question:   What about the dead tree in the wetlands behind her house?
        • The Answer:  we have to let the tree fall and die if it happens.  We have to let mother nature take its course and let the wetlands remain in a natural state.
    • About the Board
      • The board is made of home owner volunteers.  They are not paid and are on the board to help keep our neighborhood livable and to protect the home owner’s investment.
      • The board is a commitment and they are bound by laws in the state to conduct business in a certain fashion.
      • The board has implemented new signs to announce meetings.  This replaces the mailbox notes that were time consuming to post and not very attractive at times.  The hope is to also attract more home owners to the meetings, which it appears to have done.
      • Being a part of the board helps protect your home investment
      • Home Owner Question:  There is a budget item for mowing the wetlands what will happen to that since we can no longer mow the wetlands?
        • The Answer:  The budget was approved prior to the knowledge of finding out that we can not do this.  Any excess funds will be diverted to the reserve accounts we are required to maintain by law to help make up a deficit.
  3. Review of Financials
    • We are unable to review financials at this time because we do not have a Board Quorum
  4. Elections
    • We are unable to hold elections because we do not have a Home Owner Quorum
  5. Open Forum
    • Home Owner Question:  Wondering why the Arborvitaes have not been topped yet?
      • Michelle from TMG asked home owner to follow up with her and they will check to see where the landscaper is at.  The Landscaper does this in phases and may not have gotten to this home owners area just yet.
      • It was noted by TMG that there is no common tract for Arborvitaes and white rail fences.
      • It was also noted by TMG that they did a walk thru with Showplace and it was noted that there is some erosion issues along some arborvitae and wall areas.  Possible due to home owners over watering their yards.  This is still being looked at and home owners will be contacted.
    • Home Owner Question:  There are some home owners not taking care of their yards, what is the board doing about this?
      • The board has adopted a fine policy that was sent to all home owners and posted on the web site.
      • There is some concern that despite the notices and fines that some home owners don’t care about there yards or may not know how to take care of their yards.  TMG and the board have tried different things in addition to articles in the newsletters reminding home owners of their commitment to the CCRs.
      • Same home owner suggested maybe a landscaping article or something.  The board asked the home owner and the floor that we would like it if we could get some home owners to write articles for the newsletter or join the landscape committee that will be forming once an election has been held.
    • Home Owner Question:  Street Trees that West Hills planted are problematic according to a landscaping professional, some trees have not been trimmed properly and could cause injury or damage, can people try and hold the HOA responsible?  Should the HOA provide a list of trees that should be used for replacement?  Additional concern is that some trees are causing roots to push up the concrete.
      • We are stuck with what we have, the developer planted trees approved by the county, they just happen to be the cheapest trees.  We really need home owners to be involved with such a large project and to form a committee that could address these issues.  The trees are the responsibility of the home owner as they are on the home owners property not part of the HOA common areas.  Any liability would fall on the home owner in case of injury or accident.  This even includes the cottages despite the trees are landscape maintenance.  This is just yard care for the home owner.
      • The board would really like to see home owners join the landscape committee to address these and many other issues to find and suggest solutions to the board.
      • The board would really like to see more home owner involvement.
    • Home Owner Question:  Parking … How can we get people to park off the street?
      • Michelle at TMG stated that there are a lot of issues related to parking.  If a vehicle is on the street and is not an AR private street they would need to contact Washington County to tow the vehicle.  TMG and the Board can not request this to be done.  We can notify the home owner of the CCR infraction and ask them to relocate their vehicle.
    • Home Owner Question:  She has heard that around 1:30 am gurgling water outside
      • TMG asked the home owner to try and narrow down the location as to where it could be.  This will help the landscaper find the problem.
    • Home Owner Question:  They are seeing gardener snakes in their back yard is this normal?
      • Yes they can be found in this area and are harmless.  We do live near the wetlands so we are likely to encounter some.
  6. Adjournment
    • Michelle from TMG adjourned meeting at 8:15 PM. The Annual Meeting will be rescheduled at 7:00 PM on 10/22/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Mike Farris