Approved Minutes For July 2007

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Meeting Minutes from

July 30, 2007

1. Meeting was called to order @ 7:00pm

2. Minutes were approved from June.

3. Ken reviewed the books and indicated we are in the black in cottage and general funds.  Mary asked Michelle if we have enough funds to this point.  Michelle is concerned about the tree pruning and reserve fund.

4. Homeowner Input:

Question:  Homeowner: Are we responsible for Wetlands?

Answer: Mary indicated we will be responsible and it is on the agenda for this evening.

Question:  Homeowner: I am having problem paying my dues they are not crediting my account and sending notices payment is late.  Had many conversations with TMG and seems nothing is getting resolved.

Answer:  Michelle will look into this issue and get this issue corrected.

5. Management Report:

Compliance: Lori gave new compliance list to Michelle and asked:  New Homeowners are painting the garage doors and their pillars what are we doing about this –we do not want this to become the norm.

6. Ice Cream Social – Cathy reported

Lori and I have contacted some local vendors to participate such as:

Showplace Landscaping – donated $500.00 towards our ice-cream.

Garlic Jims – will donate soda, pizza, bread sticks

Oak Hills Fire Station #68 – will bring their fire truck and provide hands on for the kids

Doreen with the Crime Prevention Unit – will bring literature on crime prevention along with the canine unit and police motorcycles

Dinners Ready – will provide a face painter, bottle water and a drawing for a free calzone

Parks and Rec Mobile – will provide activities for the kids

Wells Fargo – to confirm – will provide activity books and a CD for banking

Bethany Athletic Club – to confirm – will provide something for the kids

Aflac – local friend to provide info to our community

Cathy is in need of Volunteers for the Ice Cream Carts:

The times are 2-4:30 asking board members for ½ hr to 1 hour and home owners to help pass out ice cream.  Note: Last year we had a truck however, the ice cream per bar was higher.   The hand carts allow us to have a lower cost per bar allowing more ice cream for the community.  In addition, we need to stamp hands to deter double dippers.

Cathy requested $350.00 for the ice cream social.  Dave made a motion to accept

and Ken second it. All in favor – motion accepted.

  1. Annual Meeting: A special meeting will be held to approve the budget before the

meeting on Sept 24th.

  1. Financial: Delinquency Report – Judgments have to be over $3K before you can foreclose on home and collect funds.  It is best to collect on funds when property is sold and collect funds with interest.  Michelle indicated the ID# 7, Unit 0380 must be a misprint of $11,001.70 – it should read 1K.  Need to update records here.
  1. 2006 Audit Status: Nancy @ Curry and McLain is having a problem collecting information.  She has recommended to perform the audit on a cash basis to save time and money.  The board needs to choose between a review audit or a cash basis audit. The Cash base audit is which they will check everything.  The board will choose a cash  basis audit for $2,850.00.  Dave makes a motion to choose the cash base audit and Cathy seconds it.  All in Favor – motion accepted.

10.   Landscape Maintenance Schedule – Aug. 9th or 10th? Will be a tentative walk through of the entire neighborhood with a specific focus on the wetlands.

11.  Old Business – Wet Lands Transition update – Dept of State Lands was going to walk through with West Hills and Management company.  However, this did not happen and the 90 window has expired – no walkthrough was done.  No permits were filed so there is no legal record of West Hills deeding the property over to Arbor Ridge Homeowners.  Eric of Barker Martin notes even if they deeded the property over to the Homeowners it does not release West Hills Development from its fiduciary duty to provide a proper turnover. Eric was deployed to Iraq so we are working with Angie on this issue.  Angie sent a letter to Ms. Terry Kinney of West Hills Development, dated 7/30/07 and has given her 10 days to respond.  Michelle will follow up with the Board on any information regarding the wetlands. Mary wants to go on record that Showplace is not on time or on schedule for pruning or maintenance.

12.  New Business – Newsletter – it was sent out last week for the board for review.

The meeting is now adjourned @ 8:05pm.

Below is a list of homeowners who attended the meeting.

Ten homeowners in attendance – 2nd time the Board placed out new signs for the monthly meeting.

Linda Sinclair – 17027 NW Mesa View

Jeanne Goodyear 1698 NW Greyhawk drive

Karmele Maiz – 16926 NW Greyhawk drive

Clarence Small – 4142 NW Scottsdale drive

Bala Garabwamy – 16850 NW Arizona drive

Bob & Memry Walker – 4363 NW Diamondback drive

Jordan Beisel – 4232 NW Diamondback drive

Ken & Linda Higgins – 16576 NW Oak Creek

Minutes by Lori Constant