Approved Minutes For December 2007

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call To Order

Cathy called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 12/3/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Present Board Members: Lori Constant, Cathy Parson, Mike Farris, Joey Mohr, Sunil Luhadia, Dave Cummings

Not Present: Chandrau Vaidyanathan

Guests: Nick (TMG)

  1. Approval of Minutes

MOTION was made to approve minutes with adjustment– Approve Minutes for July 2007


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Sunil – No Concerns

Joey -$2000 Legal and no budget, should we have a budget item. Per TMG most of the legal fees are related to the West Hills & the wetland turnover.

Joey – Over-budget on Plant Replacement & Sprinkler Repairs.  It was increased for 2008.

Cathy – Field Mowing did showplace complete the whole project and get paid for the entire amount?  Nick will work with Showplace on an adjustment.

Cathy – Reminder Letter Costs? Per Nick can give

MOTION was made to approve the Financials for 2008


  1. Homeowner Input

Three H/O Present

Mary  – Creating a Landscape Committee, that would help manage the common area and cottages and working with showplace to maintain the areas.  This is not related to compliance.

This related to old business to be discussed tonight in the creation of the landscape committee.  We need to have Mary put together a proposal of the committee.  Per TMG, things they do is help solicit bids for Landscape contracts also.

MOTION to have a Landscape a Committee created


Cathy asked Mary Davidson to chair the Landscape committee and she accepted

Mary – Use the website to help leverage communication to home owners.

Nick (TMG) – there have been questions in re: to a Holiday Light Contest

Lori – we have done this in the Past, boards members are in agreement to continue the contest

MOTION was made to establish a Holiday Light Contest for 2007 and have $100, $50 & $25 prizes


Cathy asked Lori to organize the contest and she acceptted

  1. Management Report


Compliance Report

Discussions on 16993 Mesa View and the fines due. will discuss during Old Business.

Cathy has asked Nick (TMG) for Compliance type totals per month by month Trend Analysis.  Nick will look in to it.

Lori has indicated that we are seeing an improvement in compliance issues.  There are very few repeaters and most issues are resolved between reports.

Vehicle Towing

Mike – Do we need to post a company towing sign

Nick (TMG) – We need to notify the community, then post notice of who is the towing company.  We would need to do this.

Dave – The section Alternatively … we can post a notice 72hrs in advance.

Indicates that doing this we could be impacting non residences as they are not aware of the location issues.

Nick (TMG) – is stating that we can tow without tow signs, but we could have legal challenges.

Lori brought up a situation of a Mecrury Mountaineer parked on the street that has not moved, it is on a public street and on the compliance report.

As it is a public street and Washington County should be involved.  TMG should refer home owners to contact Washington County to report abandon vehicles when they are on public streets.

The Board has decided not to pursue any changes in Towing Policy as it has not be evident that this is a problem on the few private streets we have.  The CCR’s address this and there is no parking signs already posted.

Arbor Homes / West Hills Signs

Nick is still researching for a contract, West Hills can not locate but is also researching. It is know that there was an 18mo contract to allow the placement of the Arbor Homes Sign for a fee, but it is unknown of the start and end date.

Cathy – believes and the board agrees that since no contract can be found that it should be removed.  Some home owners are concerned that it can detract from our home property sales.

Nick (TMG) will follow up with West Hills and tell them the sign should be removed.


Delinquency Report

Three delinquent accounts currently.  This number has gone down over the year.

2006 Audit Status

C&M Needs a signature for us to receive the copies.

Board signed the document


Wetlands Path Repair

West Hills was to do it 11/30 but due to weather they were unable.  They will return when the weather clears.


17 need to be replaced, TMG will direct them to be replaced in Feb 2008

  1. Old Business

Garbage located on Side of house

It has been noted that it was removed.

16993 Mesa View Fines

The board has rejected a request to reduce or eliminate the fines for non compliance.  Home owner has not resolved the issues before making the request nor has he provided a plan to correct the issues.

MOTION – Defer giving him another notice to correct and TMG will communicate that fines stay in place and home owner should provide a plan within 60 days to TMG to fix the compliance issues.  If he  fails to provide a plan in 60 days to resolve these issues when the weather allows for the items to be resolved, TMG has been instructed to continue to enforce the Fine Resolution and resume the process.


17310 LaPalma Tree Removed

Home owner did receive a Compliance Letter about the dead street tree and removed it.

The Board has asked TMG to send a letter to home owner to find out when he will replace it with a like tree.

Nick (TMG) will follow up with communication to the home owner and let them know they need to file an ARC form and that they can talk to showplace for assistance in choosing the right tree.

  1. New Business

No New Business

  1. Adjournment

Cathy adjourned meeting at 8:25 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 1/28/2008 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Mike Farris