Approved Minutes For February 2008

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call To Order
  • Cathy called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:17 PM on 2/25/2008 at Somerset Christian Church.
  • Present Board Members: Lori Constant, Cathy Parson, Mike Farris, Dave Cummings, Joey Mohr, Sunil Luhadia
  • Not Present: Chandrau Vaidyanathan
  • Guests: Nick (TMG)
  • Home Owners Present: 3
  1. Approval of Minutes
    • MOTION was made to approve minutes with adjustment– Approve Minutes for Jan 28 2008
    • ALL IN FAVOR – 6/6
  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • January 2008 Financial Review
      • Joey says that we are currently under budget

  1. Homeowner Input (Moved to the Top of the meeting)
    1. Home Owner inquiring about Dog Defication on his yard
      • Suggested that h/o contact animal control, Nick offerred to send a letter to the h/o if he knows the address, we can republish the last article of clean up after your pet in the next newsletter
    2. Two major home break-ins in the Sommerset Neighborhood has occurred recently, apperently identified as a white truck white males 18-20 years of age, also reported that it could be new mexico plates possiblly silver in color, break ins are occurring thru the front doors, H/O will send plate info to post on web site.

  1. Management Report


  1. Compliance Report
    • Nick noted the information is low, Lori has been ill lately and lately she has information that will be forwarded to Nick for processing
  2. New Trash Cans
    • Some home owners on Union Hills are leaving them on the outside, others leave them in the street & driveway
    • Problems are some home owners do not have room on the side of their house due to rock walls
    • Home owners can use Garage, Back Yard, or Side yard behind plants or fence
  3. Violation Response
    • Remove late fees for 2 home owners (16878 NW Desert Canyon, 16922 NW Greyhawk Drv)
      • MOTION MADE – If there is no late history then drop the fees, if there is a late history then the fees stand
      • ALL IN FAVOR – 6/6
    • Remove Violation Fine (4617 NW Silver Creek)
      • Due to home owner not having a history of fines and they have complied it will be waived
      • ALL IN FAVOR – 6/6
    • 17092 Tuscon Fees
      • If he brings his dues current the board will reconsider
    • 16993 NW Mesa View
      • We have not seen a plan to remedy the situation with the requested 60 days
      • We need the yard fixed, and payment full is due and need a plan of who, when the yard will be fixed


  1. Delinquency Report
    • Report looks good we actually look pretty good for the number of homes


  1. Repair Bids for Monument Sign
    • Received 3 bids 6000, 1325, 1275
    • MOTION MADE –  Approve Brightside Electric for 1275.00
    • ALL IN FAVOR – 6/6
      • ACTION TMG – Proceed with Repair
  2. Sprinkler Repair cost Breakdown
    • ACTION TMG – Communicate to Showplace to make sure heads put down and slow done when cutting
  3. Speed Bump
    • Washington County said they have 2 phases and would like to perform a study and try other methods before installing a speed bumps
    • Speed and Parking issues
    • MOTION MADE – To Have TMG contact Washington County to start a study
    • ALL IN FAVOR – 5/6 OPPOSED 1/6
      • ACTION TMG – Contact Washington County to start process

  1. Old Business
    1. 16550 Parking on Yard damaging plants and sprinklers – Notice Sent
    2. ACTION TMG – Fence Cleaning Bid needed
    3. ACTION TMG – Bark Mulch Bid needed
  1. New Business
    1. Landscape Committee Report
      • A walk was done
      • Crane Flies are causing the yellow spots in the lawns, 1680.00 treatment for Common & Cottage
      • Moss Problem can be sprayed 1000 cottage 450 common total 1450.00
      • Mary – will ask Showplace to see if they can use a combo product of fertilizer to manage moss & crane flies
        • MOTION MADE – grant Mary the discretion to approve the amounts of 1680 & 1450 or less
        • ALL IN FAVOR – 6/6
        • ACTION TMG – Based on Mary’s Finding on reducing the cost she is ok to direct Crane and Moss control
      • Spruce Tree that was previously removed between Oak Creek & Palmbrook needs to be replaced still, best time to replace is now for 160.00
        • ACTION TMG – Ok to replace tree cost is within budget
      • Additional tree problem will be sent to Cathy
  2. Adjournment
  • Cathy adjourned meeting at 9:00 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 3/24/2008 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Mike Farris