Approved Minutes For March 2008

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call To Order

  • Mike called the regular meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:00 PM on 3/24/2008 at Somerset Christian Church.
  • Present Board Members: Lori Constant, Mike Farris, Joey Mohr, Sunil Luhadia
  • Not Present: Cathy Parson, Chandrau Vaidyanathan, Dave Cummings
  • Guests: Nick (TMG)
  • Home Owners Present: 5

  1. Approval of Minutes

    • MOTION was made to approve minutes with adjustment– Approve Minutes for Feb 25th 2008

    • ALL IN FAVOR – yes; NOT IN FAVOR – 0

  1. President’s Report

    • Cathy not present to report
  2. Treasurer’s Report

    • Nothing to report

** Home Owner Input will be moved to the start of the meeting in the future **

Home Owner @ 16580 nw Oak Creek – concerned about the number of vehicles parking on and off property at 16550 nw Oak Creek.  Vehicles are parking on landscaping and destroying the sprinkler system  and vegetation that is maintained by the Landscape budget.  It was noted to the home owner that this has been and is being addressed with that home owner.  The Home Owner should be responsible for the damage done to the property. (Pictures where given to TMG).

Home Owner @ 16593 nw Oak Creek – inquired about the addition of the speed monitoring box placed on Oak Creek, that it was not placed in the right area to monitor the problems around the eastern bend of the street to NW West Union.  Home Owner is asking to have Washington County relocate the speed box.

Home Owner @ 16593 Oak Creek – Also inquired about having garbage and recycling cans monitored on a weekly basis on Thursday after pickup to ensure they are properly stored after pickup.

  1. Committee Reports


    Plants are cascading over retaining wall in wetland area could compromise the structure.  Mary will get Nick the address of the house and address the issue.


    No Report


    No Report

  1. Management Report


  1. Compliance Report
    • Nick printed a full copy of the compliance report dating back to day one with TMG to see if there are any established patterns we should look at.  Future reports will be only recent activity unless requested otherwise.


  1. Delinquency Report
    • Nick suggested we may want to look into legal action on delinquencies over $3000.  The board was in agreement and asked that this be looked into.


  1. Speed Bump Installation
    • Speed box was placed on Oak Creek Drive today at the East end
  2. Sprinkler Repairs
    • We will be given a report next meeting on the amount of repairs as they had not reached the billing area for Showplace yet
  3. Fence Washing Bids
    • One bid has been given, others to follow
    • Need to get bids on Bark Mulching for the common and cottage areas
  4. 167th & Tucson Irrigation
    • Sprinklers were turned off as a result of the Wetlands being disconnected.  It will cost about $2000 to re-connect the sprinklers to another association line.
    • A MOTION WAS MADE – By Joey … We get a hard BID on resolving the irrigation problem by reconnecting the system … Second by Sunil
    • ALL IN FAVOR – 4; NOT IN FAVOR – 0
  5. East End of Tuscon Street Barricade
    • Washington County has said they will be out to fix it but they do not have a date yet

  1. Unfinished Business

    1. None

  1. New Business

    1. Board Organization

      • April 19th 2008 9am to 3pm Board Workshop.  Board Members should receive an invite to the event.

    2. Compliance

      • Reports are going out once a month.  They will go out the 3rd of each month for consistency

    3. Past Financials

      • Joey would like information on past financials to do comparisons for the budget and actual for current year.

      • Nick will get the information for the past few years for Joey,

    4. Meeting Dates

      • Cathy had inquired if the board would like to meet every other month instead of each month.

      • The topic will be brought up again at the April Meeting

  1. Adjournment

  • Executive Meeting Called to follow General Meeting
  • Mike adjourned meeting at 7:58 PM. The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 4/28/2008 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Lori Constant

Typed by Mike Farris