Approved Minutes

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Meeting May 24th 2010

Attendance: Mike F. Dave C. Tom W. Sunil L. John M. and Lynda D. from TMG

Homeowner’s Input:
Brian Smith Homeowner near 174th and Laidlaw, Spoke about the graffiti issue and that kids are playing in the wetland area near the bridge during school hours. Kids playing with “airsoft guns” shooting at each other.

Todd from Tuscon St. addressed the board about the large No Solicitation sign installed on there front door that is clearly seen from the street. The homeowner was explaining the issue when he was told that we will cover his and other issues at the special signage meeting in June.

Desert Canyon – landscaping issues from homeowners complaining that the front yard bushes are getting hacked up by the landscapers and the homeowners want more control over how the landscaping is done. And the automatic watering system is over watering the yards and homeowners want more control over how much watering is done.

Any announcement on bark dusting this year? Homeowners want notification on when the barkdust will be replaced. Suggestion was to have sandwich boards out that look like the community meeting sandwich boards that the HOA uses.

Meeting called to order at 7:36pm

Hearing on 17310 Lapaloma Dr. – Tree removed and replaced. Homeowner is asking that all the fees be dropped. The homeowner seemed to be merging two issues into one. There was a landscaping issue and a street tree issue. The tree has been replaced but this took several months to happen. Also the landscaping issue has been going on for three years. The board agreed to a landscaping plan that is to be submitted in two weeks from the date of this meeting. There was no discussion by the board to repeal any fines that have accrued over the three years of non-compliance.

Meeting Minutes:

Call to approve minutes from April 5th Special Meeting.

President’s Report:

THPR have finished the additions to George Otten Park.

Treasure’s Report:

Waiting on information on the new Bonds.

Social Committee:

Community Garage sale is set for June 5th

Landscape Committee:

1. Tree Removal on Laidlaw
PGE tree Removal (Looks like Washington County is partly responsible.

2. Trimming –

3. Pathway near the wetlands – Gates were ajar and the latch was broken.

4. Shrub pruning and replacement – Mary requests that a document for the description of how, what, where, shrubs are to be and replacement rules etc.

Motion on fence washing and seal coating –

Max budget of 3,900 on Fence washing and a Max budget of 4,500 on the seal coating.

Management report –

In summary for the management report all fines assessed on each issue were held and other warnings were noted. If the issue was covering signage, those issues will be worked out after the special meeting that will discuss issues of signage on the property. Please see the attached Management report for details on each issue.

Delinquency report –

Discussion over the properties most delinquent that have been forwarded to Smith and Greaves have yielded some conclusions.

16746 NW Oak Creek Drive  and 4316 NW Moon Valley Terrace the owner has moved to New Jersey and it to peruse this issue will be very costly. The attorneys recommend closing this issue. $5802.87 outstanding

Please see the attached Management report for details on each issue.

Repairs and Maintenance –

Bark Dust map was dropped off at Tom W. house – John M. Scanned and mailed the map out to the board.

Lynda will speak to John at Showplace about bark dust notifications.

New Business –

No new business noted.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm PST