Approved Annual Meeting Minutes for 2010

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Annual Meeting October 25th 2010

Attendance: Mike F., Sunil L., Cathy P., John M., and Lynda D. from TMG

Call To Order: 7:07 pm

At this time we are 21 proxies short of quorum. The Board will then reschedule this meeting for Wednesday November 3rd to have a Annual meeting. We will be required to have a 50% count on attendance or proxies to convene a annual meeting for 2010.

Adjournment: 7:10 pm

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Annual Meeting November 3rd 2010

7:02 pm   The 2nd Annual Arbor Ridge Home Owners Meeting was called to order since

we did not meet Quorum at the first meeting which was held 2 weeks ago.

Board Members Not Present: John and Adita ; Present; Mike, Cathy, Dave, Sunil and Lynda from TMG

Seven homeowners present – we had several e-mails which went out for our Annual Meeting in which we did not meet quorum because in which we needed 25% of all homeowners to respond with Proxies.  Tonight we have met quorum due to the fact at  the first meeting we had 20%  at now at this meeting we are at quorum.

Sunil had approved the meeting minutes of 2009 and Dave had 2nd the motion.

Presidents Report: We have elected TMG to do our compliance monitoring and we are actively looking for assistance.  We have past a sign resolution which is on the web site to interpret the CC&R’s .  We also had ShowPlace take care of the sidewalk in the Cottage Collection due to the roots pushing up the sidewalk, we are placing low growth shrubs and trying to fix the trees in the cottage collection. In 2011 S. of Oak Creek will be done and as of 2010 N. of Oak Creek is being done now.

On the various committees we are looking for volunteers which include Social, Landscape, Newsletter, ARC and the Neighborhood Watch Committees.   Also this past year we had a reserve study performed and is posted on our website.

2011 Budget was discussed

Nominations: Mike Foster for Board Position was approved by the Quorum of Home Owners

Meeting was adjourned at 7:28 pm