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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for September 17th 2013


6:35 pm

Attendees: Mike Foster, Mike Farris, Todd Behunin, Aditya Kapoor, Ken Walker, Lisa Walker, Lynda DuLong, Mary Davidson, Tom Wilkinson, Carolyn Benedict, Zen Dunaj, Kim Loeffler, Jeff and Emily Whiting.

Charter and next steps – Overview presentation Kim Loeffler
Committee members: Zen Dunaj, Ella Dunaj, Anand Rajan, Meghana Rajan, Josh Eisenberg, Cathy Parson, Kim Loeffler, Jeff Whiting, Emily Whiting, and Ken Walker.
Beaver Response Ad-hoc Committee (CHARTER & NEXT-STEPS)


  • Maintain home value and healthy natural environment by minimizing impact of “standing water” in wetlands and on retaining walls (Note: Impact on environment documented over past 13 years via attached homeowner photos.)


  • Committee seeks to discover facts, implement appropriate solutions, and strive for resolution of “standing water” issue in Arbor Ridge neighborhood.
  • Committee will have 1 email rep (Kim Loeffler), who will serve as the Point of Contact (PoC) for all email communication between this committee and the HOA Board of Directors (BoD).
  • Committee to exist as an ongoing entity to monitor the green space area and communicate with the BoD in order to manage potential future problems.


  • Assess impact of “standing water” on the structural integrity of retaining walls with the objective of maintaining health, safety, and value of personal property at Arbor Ridge. Our concern about community health extends to the health of humans, habitat wildlife, as well as neighborhood pets.
  • Submit proposals to HOA BoD requesting appropriate actions based on the above assessment.
  • Monitor the green space area on a regular basis and provide half-yearly updates to the BoD in order to pro-actively manager potential future problems.

Problem Definition

  • We are seriously concerned because we do NOT understand the long-term impact of “standing water” on the community green space, against home retaining walls, and the health of the inhabitants (since stagnant water can be a breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes).

Proposed Actions

  • Short-Term (Fact Finding): The ad-hoc committee will work with HOA BoD to organize meetings with reputable and qualified 3rd party experts from the following list. (Note: We propose that at least 1 member of the ad-hoc committee and 1 HOA Bod member attend each of these expert meetings.)
  • Structural Engineer
  • Determine capacity of retaining walls (i.e. what were the walls built to withstand).
  • Determine current status of the retaining walls (i.e. are the walls structurally sound today).
  • Clean Water Services (CWS)
  • Mike Foster to share notes from his 8/14 meeting with Jared Kinner (CWS).
  • Additional Recommended Experts and other resources
  • Mid-Term/Long-Term: TBD after successful execution for fact-finding stage.


Mike Foster, President began the meeting by defining the process. He asked that there be 1 speaker at a time. Questions regarding the Beaver Ad-hoc Committee proposal (Charter & Next Steps), and how we want to follow specific set guidelines.

Board may motion for an approval of the charter or disapproval.

Initial purpose/defined in email sent on record: August 01, 2013 at 4:46 pm.

Next email sent and reviewed on record: August 15, 2013

On August 30th, 2013 the ad-hoc Beaver Response Committee sent by email their charter & proposed steps of action to be reviewed by the Board of Directors.
Board of Director’s floor was opened to define moving forward an open discussion.

Mike Farris, stated “do we approve the draft charter for the Ad-Hoc committee, recommendations not to approve, or to amend the charter proposal?”

Aditya Kapoor made it noted: “should we lower the dams and how?”

Todd Behunin: stated that he was in agreement with the charter.

Mike Farris: stated “agreement good, starting point”.

Todd Behunin: asked “is the Ad-Hoc committee going to be in place for an indefinite time?”

Mike Foster: stated “no easement on property (track T) but signage everywhere.”

Concerns: Legal review needed to define issues and action steps.
CCRs , Track T (not provided with an easement in place?)
What are the long term recommendations?

Mike Farris: stated “need to assess and understand, the habitat and how it is going to be affected to create a balance. (make it noted: Goal #1 has this stated).

Motion was made by Mike Farris and second by Todd Behunin.

It was discussed who services us or Clean Water Services. Giving up the rights to the land?


HOA need to vote?
Legal opinion needed?
Time and effort discussed.
Move to formal meeting?

Motion: Legal opinion and tracks, and seconded. (Defined to be new business for the next board meeting.)

Mike Foster asked “approval to amend charter to reflect a clarification on Goal 1 and amend Goal 3 to reflect a monitoring of the green space on a minimum Quarterly basis.”

None appose, and Mike Foster past to have it on the record as amended.

Mike Farris stated that we will need 3 bids from contractors to define the Cost and Implementation of placing an industrial pipe at the largest damn byMain bridge to bring down the water by an estimated 50% (to manage and Monitor until water level is away from the main affected rock wall).

Jeff Whiting discussed a Title company assessment and inspection he could Coordinate with to define track “T”.

Mike Foster discussed, Clean Water Services (Jared Kinnear, PWS, CPESC with Water Resources Project Management/Clean Water Services) the 3 main things to be considered:

The HOA can hire a private contractor to install the deceiver pipe, or
The HOA can call the Oregon Wildlife Services Department to trap the beaver to relive concern for this winter, or
The HOA can sign over an easement to CWS giving permission to implement a Temperature Management Project (plantings), which would allow us to install the pipe, manage the area, and increase the number of plantings
This will take some time, and will not allow enough time to install pipe before the rains
This can be done as a volunteer campaign through Friends of Trees, funded by CWS
FOT would train volunteers from the HOA to help manage volunteer planting events
This would allow CWS to support FOT with funding to install the plants, CWS would manage the area in order to keep plants alive and beaver activity controlled.
Zen Dunaj: expressed his concern for the level of water and how it will be maintained over time so it will not be considered (legally, if defined to beliability by a Geo Tech Engineering firm?)

Kim Loeffler: discussed an overview of the Ad-Hoc committee views and how she felt the importance of all of the residents of the Arbor Ridge community, to always be listen too in a proactive manner. Also, offered thanks and appreciation of the Board of Directors for their time and volunteering efforts.


7:45 pm