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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for September 24th, 2013

Homeowner Input

  • None

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 6:35 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • May 21, 2013 Minutes were motioned for approval; Board passed the minutes unanimously.
  • Special Board Meeting Minutes for the meeting held on September 17, 2013, are still under review by the
    Board and pending approval.

III. Treasure’s Report

  • Mike Farris, Treasurer, and Lynda DuLong (TMG) gave an overview and review of 2014 preliminary budgets for the Masters and The Cottages. We then move forward with discussing a plan of our organizational goals in terms of specific financial and operating objectives.  Please see VI. New Business 1. 2014 Reserve Study and 2. 2014 Budget below.

IV. Committee Report

  • Social Events/Neighborhood Watch/Newsletter – Lisa Walker reported:
    • The Neighborhood Watch is still going strong with special current focus on providing continued crime alerts and educational materials from the Washington CountySherriff’s Department.
    • The Social Committee: The last event of the year is going to be The Holiday Lighting Contest in the month of Dec.2013.
    • Newsletter: A newsletter will be prepared to be sent out in the month of October, prior to the Annual Meeting, October 22, 2013.
    • Aditya Kapoor reported that the Arbor Ridge Facebook is now open to the public.
  • Landscape – Tom Wilkinson reported:
    • Tom Wilkinson, reported the first phase of the tree removal project is complete. It was a clean job, and walk through and defining of the replanting of trees identified and confirmed. At least 10 sites where a tree need a replacement. A discussion took place on the operating replacement of monies needed. There are 17 triangle spaces that will require ground cover. Please note: a review of for Arbor Ridge Tree Replacement Options/City of Portland Tree list can be reviewed at:
    • It was also reported that the general landscaping, the tree lines on Laidlaw are hanging low, and need to be pruned to the compliance of hanging 8 feet up. Lynda DuLong reported that funds are available to manage the pruning by Showplace Landscaping.

  • Architectural – Board reported:
    • It was noted that the ARC Committee is being managed by the Board for current and future reviews, and no other updates made at the meeting.
  • Ad-Hoc Beaver Committee – Zen Dunaj:
    • A follow-up review on status can be reviewed from the meeting on September 24, 2013 unapproved meeting notes. Things still pending in communications to Clean Water Services and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

V. Management Report


  • Homeowner Correspondence (please see management report on file, for additional information).  Homeowner correspondences were discussed regarding waived yard maintenance reminders, and overdue dues.  It was discussed, that homeowners that wish to have a fine waived are asked to present themselves in front of the board in person to discuss further.
    • a. Owner present at meeting, and asked for a review to violation for yard maintenance and is requesting the fine in the amount of $75.00 be waived. Board Motioned to have the situation corrected, and a one-time waiver to occur. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
    • b. Make noted, owner not present. Written request – Board Motioned denied. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
    • c. Owner present at meeting, Owner submitted a response to a violation for landscape maintenance. Board Motioned a one-time removal of fine. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
    • d. Make noted, owner not present. Owner submitted for a response to a violation of a garage door and storm door improvement with no ARC approval. Board Motioned by email, an approval. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
    • e. Owner present at meeting, and asked the fine be waived. Mail was not being received, and discussion took place of the importance of notifying TMG of mailing address when tenants are residing. Board Motioned soft cost charge to be waived. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
    • f. Owner present at meeting. Board asked for additional history on file.
    • g. Owner present at meeting: Owner asked that fines be reversed for Hose and garbage receptacle been left out. Board Motioned that the fine be waived for the Hose only. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.


  • Delinquency report discussed in detail and recommended advisement of protocol in maintaining collections took place.
    • A Motion to transfer bad debt and sharing the cottage collection (amount on record: $ 2,854.50) to main account. Motioned and seconded. Motion Carried.
  • 2. 2012 Financial Statement – IHDE CPA performed the 2012 Financial Statement.  This report is an overview of the financial statements.  Association events and transactions for recognition and disclosure through June 2013.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • N/A

VI. New Business

  • Reserve Study 2014:  Reserve studies Funding prepared the 2014 Reserve Study.  The Cottage collection expenditures for 2014 include:  bark dusting, tree pruning, and tree removal.  The annual contribution for the Cottage Collection (Arbor No. 2) is $15,402.00.  This is an increase of $435.00.  The Master Expenditures for 2014 include:  concrete/curb work, landscaping, tree renovations, and retaining walls.  The annual contribution amount for the Master is $30,438.00.  This is an increase of $2,118.00.
  • 2014 Budget – Board reviewed and finalized the 2014 “Draft” Budget.  Board discussed an increase in the 2014 main Association assessments to increase to $260.00 to cover operating expenses. ** Motion made, and seconded.  Motion Carried.
    • Discussion of the following took place:  $3,500.00 for contingency, $1,500.00 for Social Committee events, $22,000.00 for Water expenditures and $5,000.00 for office supplies, inclusive of stamps.  Balance Budget will be in place for the Main Collection.
  • Discussion on if the Cottage collection assessments to stay the same?  To be proactive in managing operational expenses in the future.  It was motioned a need to increase the assessment by $10.00 annually to cover an offset of expenditures for the Tree Removal Project.  Motion made, and seconded.  Motion Carried.

VII. Unfinished Business

  • Cottage Collection Tree Plan Update – Clay Erway, Arborist with Davey Tree Company, will be completed with the tree removal by the end of week.  Over all, Management received no complaints.  The Board and Landscape Committee Members may want to discuss setting up a landscape walk to review areas for tree replacement, pruning, and enhancements in the Cottage Collection.
  • Beaver Response/Charter Steps – As stated above, Board met with the Ad-Hoc Committee Members on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 to discuss an outline for the Beaver Response Ad-Hoc Committee, along with the Charter and next steps.  There is an information gathering taking place on the easement for CWS, and Tract “T” information and updates will be forwarded to the Board as received for review.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at 8:59 pm