Meeting Minutes are posted only after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting.
For Example – Meeting On Jan 1st would be Approved on the next meeting and posted to the web site.
If the next meeting was Feb 1st then that is when they would be posted.

Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for January 26, 2022

Meeting held via Video Conference

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 6:33 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • September 7, 2021 – approved
  • December 7, 2021 – approved with revisions to reflect correct terms

III. Financial

  • Collection Update from Collection Attorney – AMS will get status reports from
    Collection Attorneys

IV. Home Owner Correspondence/Request

  • 17268 NW Lapaloma Lane request waiver of fees and fines – approved $75 waiver
  • 17295 NW Gold Canyon Lane contesting violation for lawn maintenance. – Board noted improved lawn maintenance.
  • 17349 NW Camelback Lane is requesting $75 waiver relating to lawn maintenance – approved $75 waiver and no ARC needed for adding rocks

V. New Business

  • Sidewalk Repair Common Area – approved Kreutz $1,825 Laidlaw sidewalk
    repair and approved $1,775 Savatree/NW Tree Specialists Laidlaw tree
    removal – Main Operating Fund


  • The Board approved these Showplace proposals:
    a. Dead plant replacement: $3,359 Cottage Operating
    b. Lawn repair 16694 NW Desert Canyon: $184.13 – Cottage Operating Fund
    c. Landscape repair from tree removal at Oak Creek/Palmbrook: $433.28 –
    Cottage Operating Fund
    d. Structural clearance pruning: $1,907.90- Cottage Operating Fund
    e. Lawn repair at 16765 NW Greyhawk Dr: $489.88 – Cottage Operating Fund
    f. 2021 Beaver Dam dismantle: $1,204.73 – Main Operating Fund (ratified)


  • Washington County Permit of Entry – Approved

VI. Open Forum

  • AM/Showplace to followup with homeowner on landscape issue

VII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at: 7:50 pm