Homeowner Letter Examples

Each letter has a response form included with it for you to reply back. It is imperative that you respond to these letters by using the response letter or calling the Management Office Directly to let them know that you are remedying any issues, or you need to talk it over with the HOA and/or Management Office.
  • Example Friendly Reminder Notice 
    • This is a friendly reminder that a rule (CCR) has been violated. Please correct it within 14 days. If you disagree with the violation, fill out the included response form and send it back to our Management Office.
  • Example Notice to Correct 
    • Similar to first letter however slightly sterner. This is a notice to you that you must correct the violation that you had previously been warned about (via Friendly Reminder). If you don’t correct it, you will be subject to a fine.
  • Example Fine Notice 
    • A fine has been added to your account. You failed to respond to the first two letters, nor did you remedy the violation.