Approved Minutes For Annual Meeting 2007

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order
    • Michelle Underwood from TMG called the Annual meeting of the Arbor Ridge Homeowners Association to order at 7:05 PM on 10/22/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.
    • Present Board Members: Mary Davidson, Lori Constant, Dave Cummings , Mike Farris , Cathy Parson, Chandru Vaidyanathan
    • Not Present: Ken Pepe
    • Guests: Michelle Underwood (TMG), Nick Horn (TMG)
  2. Introduction of Members and Guests
  3. Establishment of a Quorum
    • We had 158 total Proxies and/or Home Owners, a Quorum has been met.
  4. Elections
    • Nominations from the Floor
      • Joey Moore and Sunil Luhadia volunteered for the two open positions
    • Election of Board Members
      • A motion was made from the floor and seconded to automatically elect the two Nominees to the board
      • Joey and Sunil were elected to the board
  5. Open Forum
    • Budget
      • Review of budget was completed at the last meeting 9/24/2007, no home owners had any questions
      • It was noted that Annual assessments will be mailed to home owners in December for 2008
    • Wetlands
      • ARHOA & TMG have reached an agreement with West Hills Development on transfer of the wetlands to the ARHOA
      • Going forward the wetlands must sustain themselves.  We are not able to maintain them.  Please refer to the 9/24/2007 minutes for more information on the wetlands.
      • Six new signs were posted along the pathways in the wetlands advising the public that the wetlands are to not be entered.
      • The Path going west from Laidlaw will be repaired by West Hills Development
      • Michelle at TMG has worked with showplace to understand the erosion concerns along some of the walls.  It was determined that in most cases over watering may be the culprit.  It is being explored to turn off the drip irrigation on the arborvitae to reduce the combination of home owner yard watering and the drip irrigation from eroding the soil behind the wall.
      • Michelle at TMG is working on getting wall plans from West Hills Development or the original contractor
      • The irrigation in the wetlands has been completely removed by West Hills Development.  This was only a temporary installation to get the wetlands started and is no longer needed since the wetlands are self sustaining.
      • The two foot buffer between the wetlands and pathway will likely be maintained three times per a year.
      • Showplace took measures to eliminate weeds between the walls and pathways.
  6. Adjournment
    • Michelle from TMG adjourned meeting at 7:25 PM. The Next Board Meeting will be scheduled at 7:00 PM on 12/3/2007 at Somerset Christian Church.

Minutes taken by Mike Farris