Approved as Edited Minutes For May 2009

Arbor Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes May 18th 2009

May 18th Arbor Ridge Homeowners association meeting.

Attendance: Mike Farris, Dave Cummings, Cathy Parson, Tom Weyenberg, Lori Constant, Sunil Luhadia, John Michaud, Nick Horn

Homeowners input before the meeting is called to order:

– Question about tree trimming, homeowner was unclear about how high off the curb to trim his tree so he trimmed it up 9’ all around. Tom W. was asked to clarify the issue. And in summary Tom explained that 12’ is the clearance that is required by the county according to the mailing that the county sent to those residents that are receiving the slurry seal on their street this summer.

– Letters went out from TMG about tree trimming but some homeowners were confused and felt that the letters were vague and also felt that they were somehow in violation.

– In the ensuing discussion about the letters and the message on them discussion changed to looking into having Showplace (John) write up some landscaping care tips so they can be incorporated into the website and on the landscape committee’s mailer about what they are looking for in there inspections.

– Another homeowner was asking about Greenspace/Wetland issues. Apparently the grass is getting high in next to the walkways and also looking into new plantings etc. Since Mary wasn’t in attendance the questions will be tabled and Nick will follow up with the homeowner once his questions are addressed.

Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm

Review of the March Minutes – Minutes were approved by the association

Treasurer’s report – Questions on some line items that Nick walked Sunil through and the rest of the association.

Committee Reports

Landscape Committee – The fire damage on West Union was mention and will be covered in the Management report. Also a question about wetland trimming was mentioned and Nick will contact John at Showplace about this issue, and tree limb trimming in the wetland areas as well. Notices of violations went out and Nick included some letters of response that will be discussed in the management meeting.

Newsletter Committee – Cathy has sent out a preliminary newsletter in email and is looking for more to add in. The ice cream social is set for August 22nd and she needs people to work it. Also we will be handing out proxies at the social. Cathy also proposed that a we have a neighborhood garage sale this summer. A suggestion that someone try and find out how the Stoller Farms community garage sale went and how they had a reality company sponsor it.

The slow children playing signs in the street and bike ramp were discussed at length and determine that since it is a public street and the parent’s responsibility to watch their children there isn’t much the HOA can do about it.

Architecture Committee – Homeowner was notified by the county that a flag (Sidewalk section) was in violation of code and ordered to replace the sidewalk section within a certain time frame. The association decided to have John at Showplace go out and evaluate the tree and see if the root can be removed at the cost of the homeowner. Ni ck Horn will put John in contact with the homeowner.

This issue will be a model for the website informing the homeowners that they are responsible for the sidewalks in the case of uprooting or other damage not caused but utility companies needing access under the sidewalks etc.

Management Report – Nick asked about a homeowner’s violation about patio furniture on a front porch. Tom did the write up and explained that there was so much furniture on the porch that it blocked the doorway on the porch and that is why he had a violation sent to the homeowners.

Nick brought up a proposal to amend the CC&Rs which is to start having a Hearing policy for homeowners in violation so we can get there perspective on the issue. This would not include hardship issues like out of state owners.

Letters included in the meeting packet –

Lucy Lou (Address unknown page 24 of meeting packet) homeowner has an issue with the front lawn, homeowner is working to resolve issue and asked that the since there working on a corrective action they would like the fines rescinded. A motion was brought up to hold the fees until it was determined that the issue is resolved or not by the homeowner. This motion passed.

16876 Oak Creek Dr – Homeowner is unemployed and moved his family to San Diego for a new job – Rental property that owes dues from January and has been paying in installments until recently. After discussion a motion was formulated, to wave late fees and that the balance owed will be due July 1st. And the July payment will move to a 6mth payment plan. – Motion passes.

4331 NW Diamondback Dr. – Planting issue next to the driveway, letter with intent to lean was issued. After discussion a motion was formed and homeowner must pay the Intent to lean ($35) and the other fees will be waved. Motion passes

17310 NW Laploma Ln – Missing tree in front yard for many months – Motion to resolve in 15days passes the board due to the extended time in violation.

4101 NW Chaparral – Owner is requesting that fine be removed for violation with CC&Rs regarding a mattress and other trash in the side yard. Request has been denied since the trash has not been removed.

Director workshop was mentioned to the members of the HOA – Saturday May 30th An all day event.

Nick Horn reminded the Association that the largest accounts that owe dues have gone to the attorneys for further investigation.

Bank account that is approaching $150,000 has now been moved into a new account to keep the Associations accounts under the $150,000 mark. Also some discussion that the possibility the bank could wave there fees due to the large amount of dollars that the association has with the bank. Cathy wanted this investigated and will call the bank to find out if this is an option.

Nick want to remind the association to keep a look out for how utility companies treat the landscape as they work and if any damage occurs it is helpful that the correct utility is identified so that Nick and team can track down the utility to have them resolve damage issues that they cause on Arbor Ridge property.

Fence fire – After some discussion it was determined that the insurance should take a look at the damage and give the association a time line for resolution.

New Business – No new Business

Association walk was discussed but no solid times we firmed up in these discussions. Nick will email the members when a time for this is reached.

Call for adjournment – Adjournment was at 9:08pm