As a reminder, Washington County required the planting of the trees in the parking strips (areas between the sidewalk and streets).  These trees are the responsibility of the homeowner, not the Association, and shall be regularly maintained under the CC&R’s Architectural and Construction Standards. This is in addition to the ordinances, rules and regulations of Washington County, Oregon.

CCR Article #18 Landscaping and Maintenance

Owners shall maintain at all times such their lot and improvements in an attractive, neat, and good condition as provided herein, at such Owner’s or Occupants expense.  Required maintenance and repair shall include without limitation:

(1) Maintenance of all parking areas, privates drives, curbs, and walkways in a clean and safe condition, including cleaning and repairing as often as necessary.

(2) Maintenance of landscaping in an attractive and neat order, trimmed and cut at all times, free of brush, weeds, debris and in compliance with the Street Tree Landscaping Plan (required by Washington County).  The plan includes sidewalks and street trees (NOTE this provision includes the area between the property line of any lot and nearest curb).

Maintaining Existing Sidewalks Property owners in unincorporated Washington County are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks adjacent to their property (ORS 368.910). A county right-of-way permit is required for sidewalk repair. (See WC Doc)

Neither the HOA or the Landscape Contractor are responsible for Street Tree Maintenance.

On a recent landscape site inspection it was noted that several of the street trees were located next to water meters. It is the responsibility of the individual Lot Owner’s to watch for areas of concern. If you have a street tree next to the water meter you should consider contacting an arborist to provide guidance on caring, replacing or removing the street tree.

Home Owners can remove trees if they present a problem to their property as long as Washington County approves the removal and they have filed an Architectural Review Form with the HOA indicating removal and replacement where possible including the type of tree being selected. Washington County (not the HOA) requires a tree every 30 feet and if the removal of a tree changes the distance then it would have to be replaced if possible.

If you have specific questions regarding tree removal, you should contact Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation (503) 846-8761.