Regular community compliance inspections take place throughout the season

Just a reminder

Regular community compliance inspections take place throughout the season.

Here are a few topics to review:

Trash Cans – Trash/garbage shall be kept in sanitary containers and must be stored out of view from the street, except on day of trash pickup.

Home Maintenance – Each owner shall maintain their lot in a clean and attractive condition. Maintenance shall include: Exterior siding, moss on roofs, gutters, fence, retaining walls, window screens, window blinds and sidewalks must be in good condition to avoid potential trip hazards.

General Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance – Keep yards free of weeds and diseased or dead grass. Lawns are to be fertilized and neatly mowed. Trees and shrubs are also to be fertilized and pruned on a regular basis. This includes street trees over the sidewalk areas, which are to be trimmed 7½ feet above the walkway per the City Tree Ordinance. Landscape strips to be maintained. Lots should be free of trash and unsightly materials. (Note: Cottage Collection front yard landscaping is maintained by the Association but you still need to keep it clean and report any landscape issues to the Community Office)

Exterior Modification Changes – An ARC Request Form must be submitted for Board review prior to any changes and/or modifications to the lot.

Parking – Campers, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles, etc. may not be stored or kept on any lot unless fully enclosed within the garage. Do not park in No Parking Zones – you will be towed or cited by the County.

Holiday Lights – May be displayed 30 days before a holiday and must be removed within 15 days after the holiday.

Basketball Hoops – Cannot be placed on the street, block driveways, must be in good condition, including nets, hardware, and base. Cannot be placed on the lawns or parking strips for extended periods of time (greater than 48 hours) causing the browning or killing of the lawn.

Street Trees and Walkways

As a reminder, Washington County required the planting of the trees in the parking strips (areas between the sidewalk and streets).  These trees are the responsibility of the homeowner, not the Association, and shall be regularly maintained under the CC&R’s Architectural and Construction Standards. This is in addition to the ordinances, rules and regulations of Washington County, Oregon.

CCR Article #18 Landscaping and Maintenance

Owners shall maintain at all times such their lot and improvements in an attractive, neat, and good condition as provided herein, at such Owner’s or Occupants expense.  Required maintenance and repair shall include without limitation:

(1) Maintenance of all parking areas, privates drives, curbs, and walkways in a clean and safe condition, including cleaning and repairing as often as necessary.

(2) Maintenance of landscaping in an attractive and neat order, trimmed and cut at all times, free of brush, weeds, debris and in compliance with the Street Tree Landscaping Plan (required by Washington County).  The plan includes sidewalks and street trees (NOTE this provision includes the area between the property line of any lot and nearest curb).
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Our CC&R’s require that each dwelling to have off street parking for at least four vehicles. Garage bays may be counted for the purpose of this requirement. We make an exception for units with one car garages. In that event the requirement will be for off street parking of at least two vehicles.

Vehicles parked in the same place for a period in excess of forty-eight (48) hours is not permitted. Recreational vehicles may be parked in an enclosed garage; otherwise they may not remain in the community for a period of more than forty-eight (48) hours.

If you have an area of concern where vehicles are not following the CCR’s you can provide the vehicle information and home address the vehicle belongs to the Management Office a letter will be sent to the Home Owner.

Washington County controls the streets in our neighborhood and if you believe a vehicle is abandoned or is a hazard to the neighborhood please call the Washington County Sheriff Non Emergency Number.