Approved Minutes

Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for July 25th 2011

Homeowner Input

I. Meeting Called to Order

6:35 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • May 2011 Minutes were motioned for approval Board passed the minutes unanimously.

III. President’s Report

  • Mike stated we have 4 people on the board with terms ending this year

IV. Treasure’s Report

  • None

V. Committee Report

  • Architectural – None
  • Landscape – None

VI. Management Report


  • Homeowner Correspondence

Notes incomplete for motion proposed by John M. and seconded by David C. :Notes are as follows – Homeowner property 4194 Motion was proposed but I have no other notes on this.  If we had the property and possible issue I may be able to complete this note.


  • Delinquency Report

No actions required by board

Repairs and Maintenance

No actions required by board

VII. New Business

  • Motion to retain Eric Tenbrook attorny to pursue collections on properties 0158,0197,0427,0512 – Motion from John M. and Dave C.seconded – Motion passes.

VIII. Unfinished Business

  1. Tree Notice Update
    • Mary was concidered for the Street Tree Chairmain, also have Mary decide on the ground cover for the Street triangles that have been planted with ground cover. Corrdinate with John from Showplace to finish up this project.
  2. Triangle Landscape Areas
    • Move with adding mulch
  3. Landscape Improvements/Proposals
    • Motion to approve the funds of $560 for cutting back overgrowth on the walking path once Mike F. walkes the path on Wetland area and approves the cutback. Motion from Dave C. and seconded by John M.
    • Replace Arborvitae to be replace on property – approved to get the funds for this project.
  4. Summer Newsletter

IX. Adjournment

Call for adjournment was at 8:19 pm