Thank you for all who attended the initial ARBOR RIDGE Neighborhood Watch meeting!

Professionals from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department facilitated the meeting and discussed with the community ideas to help reduce CRIME in our Neighborhood!

We discussed information on creating a Neighborhood Watch Program,
including CRIME PREVENTION techniques to secure your home, valuables, & personal safety.
Neighbors Working Together in a Partnership with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office can make one of the best crime-fighting teams around!!

Crime Prevention Specialist Darlene Schnoor was our guest speaker, and Deputy Scott shared his expertise in answering questions on CRIME PREVENTION techniques to secure your home, valuables, & personal safety.

The initial training meeting was extremely successful, and had approximately 20 community neighbors that participated in the meeting.

Here are the team’s initial initiatives established which are moving forward in process:

– 20 Street Captain’s are being established in support of 8 – 10 homes.
– The Street Captain’s are gathering neighbors of interest to create an email message tree.
– We will be securing and installing 8 Neighborhood Watch signs to be posted through out our community.
– We will be having ongoing frequent meetings with the Sheriff’s Dept. which we will be announcing.

Below is the link to the Washington County Public Alert System. This system allows the Dispatch center to notify folks via their phones/emails of incidents,situations

Thank you from the Arbor Ridge Neighborhood Watch Program