Meeting Minutes are posted only after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting.
For Example – Meeting On Jan 1st would be Approved on the next meeting and posted to the web site.
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Arbor Ridge Home Owner Meeting for July 21, 2015

Homeowner Input

  • Several homeowners in attendance discussed the need for yard maintenance, low hanging trees, etc., and what the Board is doing about it.

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 7:11 pm

II. Meeting Minutes

  • April 21, 2015 Minutes were motioned for approval; Board passed the minutes unanimously. Motion carried

III. Treasure’s Report

  • Postponed till later in the meeting

IV. Committee Report

  • Neighborhood Watch – Lisa Walker reported: Working with Ken with the Master Landscaping Committee
  • Social/Newsletter Committee – Lisa Walker reported: Neighborhood Watch program going well. Email correspondence is about 350 emails which get sent out frequently. August 4th at 6pm is Nat’l Night Out at John Marty Park – potluck, so bring some food
  • Landscape – Tom Wilkinson reported: The arborvitae maintenance issue is going to get worse. May want to consider a plan for maintaining them over time. Showplace replacing some trees with shrubs. Some of the triangle areas still have irrigation and can potentially be capped
  • Architectural – Board reported: Mike Farris and the Board are busy reviewing the ARC requests
  • Bethany Governance Series A brief overview of the initial meetings was discussed, the purpose of those meetings, etc

V. Management Report


  • Several items were discussed that did not need any action from the Board (car crash on Scottsdale, car break-in, street parking issues, barking dogs, yard maintenance, etc.).
  • Items that did require board action:
    1. Clutter along side of home – would like the $75 violation removed. Motion on the floor to waive the fee. Motion carried.
    2. Homeowner requesting fine of $150 be waived. Homeowner has had multiple violations. In order to be consistent, motion to waive the fee was denied by the board.
    3. In regards to common area shrubs being watered by homeowners own irrigation, motion on the floor to credit homeowner for use of their water. Motion carried


  • Delinquency Report/Collection Update: Report is getting better. Homeowner on Arizona required to list the home on MLS

VI. Unfinished Business

  1. Engineer Annual Review Report
    Columbia Geotechnical finished their annual review. No change in settling along walk way. Water flow is draining well. Recommends resetting boulders from the waist up. Children playing on the rock walls poses a hazard. Concern of a hot tub along the retaining wall.
  2. Irrigation Replacement / Water System
    Maintenance cost of the irrigation system in the Cottage Collection is increasing year-over-year. If the Board decides to do it, it was discussed to implement it in phases so homeowners wouldn’t incur a special assessment amount. Showplace quoted ~$73000

VII. New Business

  1. 2016 Reserve Study
    The Cottage Collection funding came back as “fair”. Master Collection came back as “good”.
  2. 2016 Budget
    Master Collection potentially increasing assessments by $30. Cottage Collection to increase by $60 due to the irrigation system replacement.
  3. 2015 Tree Enhancement Update
    Landscape Committee, Management and Clay Erway meeting to discuss other hazardous trees that have not been identified for removal yet

IX. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at: 8:29 pm