The Annual Meeting was Held on 11/3/2010 and a Quorum was met to hold the meeting.  Thank you to all the home owners that provided a Proxy and Showed up to the Meeting in order to meet the Quorum of Home Owners.  This was the second meeting that was held in order to meet these requirements.

Please keep in mind that it costs about $700 to send out additional mailings until we meet the quorum.

A new Board Member was elected to the Board as a result of the meeting to fill the 2010 to 2013 Term.  Please welcome Arbor Ridge Home Owner Mike Foster.

Two other positions remained open and one position was filled by appointment of the Board after the Annual Meeting by Dave Cummings.  Dave is returning to fill another term as a Board Member of a position that was not filled by any other home owner in the community.  The board will seek to appoint the final position on the board in the near future.  If any home owner is interested please let us know by emailing us or contacting Lynda Dulong at The Management Group.