Arbor Ridge Home Owners – Below is information provided to the HOA in regards to the future of the Bethany Area.  Currently we live in unincorporated Washington County and are no part of Hillsboro, Beaverton or Portland.  Please read about the what the Citizen Steering Committee (CPO7) has to discuss at a future meeting outlined below,  Keep in mind this is not an endorsement, we are providing the information to you as a Home Owner to help you with how you want to shape the Bethany Area.  If you have any questions please visit their website.

Dear Neighbors,
CPO #7 (your official citizen group at the county level) is sponsoring a series of community get-togethers in 2015 to begin exploring the pros and cons of Bethany becoming a part of a City. Changing our current status from being residents of Unincorporated Washington County to residents of a City raises all sorts of questions and concerns–which these meetings hope to address. This is the first time ever, such a series has been held here – so there is much to learn and it’s critical we participate and voice our needs and be open to discover the possibilities.
The series is broken down into themes. The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 22nd at 7:00 PM and will be held at the Community Room of the new Fire Station located at 13545 NW Evergreen Street, Portland 97229 (near the intersection of Thompson & Saltzman Roads). Attached is a flyer with specific details.

Please forward this invite to all of your friends and plan to attend this meeting to help shape the future of our community. It’s an exciting time – looking forward to seeing you all soon!

All the best!
CPO7 Steering Committee

Bethany Gov Series Flyer