Annual Meeting Minutes are posted only after they have been approved by the Homeowners on the following year’s Annual Meeting.
For Example – Meeting On Oct 1st 1999 would be Approved at the next Annual Meeting Oct 1st 2000 and then posted to the web site.

Arbor Ridge Home Owners Association Annual Meeting for October 23, 2018

I. Meeting Called to Order

  • 6:33 pm

II. Proof of Notice of Meeting

III. Established Quorum

  • There were exactly 137 (32 present and 105 sent in) homeowners and/or proxies received.
    Quorum requirement was met.


  • Motion on the floor to approve the 2017 annual meeting minutes. Motion approved and carried.

V. President’s Report

Lisa Walker prepared a letter that highlighted several projects that were completed over the
course of the last year. Some of those include the following:

  • We were able to bring down collection accounts over the last several years.
  • We negotiated with Showplace Landscaping to lower the landscape annual maintenance cost.
  • We cut back on irrigation over the weekends to help save irrigation water cost and control
    irrigation breaks timely.
  • Beavers in the wetland areas have not been a concern over the last year.

Please see the Presidents Report for more details.


  1. Review of Approved 2019 Budget
    Lynda DuLong reviewed the proposed 2019 budget and answered questions.
  2. Nominations from the Floor
    Rhonda Corbella
    Kay Syravong
  3. Election of Board Members
    • 3 new Board Members at this time, in addition to those already on the board presently in 2018.
    • The newly elected and remaining Board Members for 2019:
      Lisa Walker
      Joe Lopez
      Todd Behunin
      Mike Farris
      Isaac Romero
      Rhonda Corbella
      Kay Syravong
  4. There was a brief discussion on removing the perimeter white fence. Due to increasing cost to
    maintain the vinyl fence and aging arborvitaes the landscape shrubbery maintenance and
    replacement cost will rise if we don’t remove the white vinyl fencing. Shrubs may not be able to
    survive. This topic will be addressed in 2019. A survey will go out for homeowner input.

VII. Adjournment

  • Call for adjournment was at: 7:54 pm