Tree Pruning/Removals September 5th – September 12th

  • Tree Removals: Tuesday, September 5th – Thursday, September 7th
  • Tree Pruning: Monday, September 11th – Tuesday, September 12th
  • Stump Removal: Thursday, September 7th – Tuesday, September 12th

Please be sure to remove any items or vehicles that may be blocking the vendor’s access or be at risk for damage (lighting, decorations, etc.) During this time, there will be workers throughout the Community and around your property to access the trees. For privacy, it is recommended that you keep your blinds and curtains closed.

The vendors will be putting up “No Parking” signs on the trees to be removed. If there is a tree with this sign on it, do not park within 20 feet of both sides of the tree. This is so that the vendors will be able to safely remove the tree without risking damage to residents’ vehicles.

Please do not disrupt the vendor’s work. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Management. Neither the HOA, TMG, nor the Vendor will be responsible for personal items damaged during maintenance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while the Association undergoes this important work.

*Owners who lease their units, please pass this information on to your tenants*

Thank you for your cooperation.