Approved Minutes 2004

Meeting Minutes for the Arbor Ridge HOA Board Meeting, 10/12/04

Deborah Bogle-Tao, Presiding

Allen Morgan, Recording

Somerset Christian Church 8:30 pm.

Board members present: Mary Davidson, Deborah Bogle-Tao, Allen Morgan, Rob Siegle

  • 8:30 pm Meeting called to order.
  • Allen made a motion to fill John Scrugg’s open board position with Lynda DuLong.  Deborah seconded motion.  All were in favor.
  • The board elected officers:

President:  Deborah Bogle-Tao

Secretary: Rob Siegle

Treasurer: Allen Morgan

Directors: Mary Davidson and Lynda DuLong

  • Rob Siegle, Allen Morgan and Deborah Bogle-Tao signed the Corporate Certificate of Authority.
  • Response to management report #8. Motion made by Allen Morgan for looking into the possibility of removing the tree on Tract 1.  Mary Davidson seconded the motion. All were in favor.   (Homeowner Mary Corcoran was present and she does not object to the removal of the Native Oregon Oak.)

NW Community Management Punch List:

    1. Can the Native Oregon Oak tree on Tract 1 be removed?  Are there any county restrictions on removing this tree?

Allen made a motion to adjourn meeting and Deborah seconded the motion.  All were in favor.